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31 / M / step into my world
Posted 7/9/08
This is a story about a boy.. growing up.. as a martial artist, and a man..
His comepetitions, his defeats, his victories, and loses..
but none the less.. What keeps him from continueing.. mixed with philosophy and values of the author..
Loosely based on a true story..

The question i thought to myself..
Why do I REALLY want to be stronger?...
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31 / M / step into my world
Posted 7/15/08 , edited 12/28/09
I wrapped my hands with red wraps.. while sitting on a bench at the gym.. my clutterd thoughts of the past
you may wonder. Who is this kid? does he do karate? I've had that alot.. trust me.
I go beyond the disciplines in that one.. I've even been called a streetfighter.

PAT PAT PAT went the sound of the punching bag while I hid it with the basic one, two, cross while listening to my mp3 player.
My name is Lei.
PAT PAT PAT!.. The sound echoed through the walls along with the chain.. It was like a surge through me.. but what I favored the most was my haymaker hook. Lights out baby! The sound of the chain busy kept attracting me.
I grew up close to the streets. Been beat up many times from my older brother. Got jumped two times, and fought few that I would say I won. Hehehehe.

PAT PAT PAT. One, two, low round kick.. had the bag swaying back and forth. Did I do martial arts? I learned from some guy. He was a drugdealer. PAT PAT PAT. but he was a good person.. LOWKICK.. HA!
Always telling us don't do what we do. he only did this for his daughter.
Highkick.. the sweatetrickling down my face, and on my chest, and shirt. I hitted it like I wanted revenge on it.
I'd been here for only fifteen minutes. BAGGGKKRING,, I grabbed the whoe bag, and picked it up for Body throws. .. and started elbowing like crazy.

You may think.. so is he a martial artist if he wasn't trained by an instructor..
BAM.. CUTKICK . honestly.. I don't give a F***.
My name is King.. I stood a gap betwen us.. my tools.. my fists.. against my anger. the bag. no no anger.. my uke.
It was the middle of daytime.. twelve o'clock wednesday.. my stance, and bag.. shadowed by the sunlight through the windows.

I am KING.. the streetfighter. PAT PAT PAT!!!!!!!!
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31 / M / step into my world
Posted 8/8/08
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31 / M / step into my world
Posted 8/8/08 , edited 8/8/08
no training has caught up with my wrists, and my stretching.. I jogged up the Kickboxing academy.. I checked out the place.. 6 punching bags.. a bob dummy, and bounce ball.. the intructors seemed to know their shit..

they said if you wana workout here.. its 10 dollars a day..and if you'd likde come at fridays.. they did point sparring..or just sparring no scores.. just the essence

it was hard to find a master these days since.. he disappeared,, 8 years.. at years without a master kind of made me a bit pessimistic.. was during my adolescnce. the time.. i showed off.. the times i tried to join a gang.. and i did.. but got pulled out just in time..being a bully.. being a member. being someone from the streets..just wasn't for me.

for me martial arts wasn't just a hobby, or form of was a way of life..

everytime i got beat up..or jumped..or that encounter with a drunk man..which ended badly cuz i knew he was a made me pour my heart out.. when i trained i felt free.. like a kid again.. but gowing up.. growing pains kicked in..reponsibilities came in mind..
so i became sufficient ..i needed to.. my family.. needed protection from these streets.. these kids were around the drama.. it was two things now.. either I fought..with my hands, or with my wits..
thugs have knives, and guns, and come with company.. this all scared me..even before the rise of mixed martial arts or as they say in brasil.."VALE TUDO".

the first time I got beat was my brother..I didnttake it very wel.. but later i sood up.. fought bak..until I hurt him ..thats when responsibility kicked in..that's when my fear kicked in..I was like "now..I know martial arts.. I can seriously hurt people.."
He screamd out to me..your a monster.. that made me cry in the shower..:"i felt so much grief.."

But as i met few individuals like me..they help straightened me out as well as family.."you have two roads..My road isn't yours.but some day.. believe me..there will be another.. so enjoy it..the journey.."

8 years ithout a master.. searching for masters to teach me..when all i didn't realize the one most needed was me....

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31 / M / step into my world
Posted 10/29/08 , edited 10/29/08

the fighter.. the man.. human..

the animal inside of me is still me..

the second judo competition

3 skilled fighters.. same wight.. me.. the second of weight.. the second to place.. still need to train..

third judo competition same thing..5/15/08.. strange using the same moves.. a psychological affair abrews..

i've heard and read that you're alter self attacks.. sometimes unpredictable..

10/29/08 before halloween..
knife defense session ..along with touch sensitivity, and te drills..

martial arts schedule..
all warm ups.. .. similar to the technique.. so it's unconscious.. subconsvious,,. and ferocious..
not single minded.. not for the ring.. BUT IF SO like mma.. this is for the office.. the street.. the elevator.. anywhere.. I WANT TO BE READY
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31 / M / step into my world
Posted 12/28/09
I want my contest.... this was my nineth contest.. in judo.. I've won and lost.. trained everyday.. used programs./.. that would question a man.. question his desire.. out of violence was bliss.. out of pain were smiles.. I shared them with many.. Many I have seen..
Many that have disappeared.. taught by my Sensei Ketsuo.. He always told me..
the best fighter ..thse best judoka is one that knows how not to hurt yourself.. and whjen you are in a fight..
YOU MUST KILL HIM!.. FIGHT 6 PEOPLE AT ONCE.. ... and its been my ethos.. for three years
.. you must fight 6 people.. now.. I'm ready to go to other schools.. compete.. skill against skill..
am i up for it.. will my tests succeed.. Will my body suffice..
Within a great body.. are the heart and the brain.. others are secondary.. The mind .. and what lies in the heart..
they are in a skilled warrior's own known ability..
It was said by a great woman.. one from a tv show..
you the reader may know..
A MAN MAY NOT CHOOSE THEIR PATH.. only whether or not to walk it..
This is only the beginning.. from here on.. I end my tale with you brave warriors.. which know no gender, age, or class

.. from here.. I walk
this is a tribute to my living sensei Ketsuo Watanabe.. and my praise for the man.. that had trained my..
called me weak.. and pushed me from the lowest.. to one reaching higher.. domo arigato ogezaimasu, sensei
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