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Posted 7/10/08 , edited 7/10/08
okay.. since.. there is almost no more space for people to join the ranks as Captain or Vice-captain, i have put up this!! it is only if you want to join the ever so friendly, dangoHinamori-fukutaicho: AND POPCORNS!!*sweatdropanyways.. dango eating, sake drinking, 9th division!!*insert random applause here*


We need people to fill in these ranks in our division!!
-5th seat:
-4th seat:
-3rd seat:

What you can do here is post um.. your journey in 9th division i guess.. umm.. something like:

Hinamori: hey taicho! you still doing paperwork?

you can just randomly pop out of nowhere too!!and chat with the other members of the division i guess..

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