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Post Reply girls? no? yes?
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Posted 10/16/08
nope. i just saw them as really really really really good looking guys. its like, their better looking than any other male or female out there.

i mean thats my opinion, don't know about the rest of you though.
Posted 11/24/08
Alice nine is obviously guys at first sight!
Posted 12/12/08 , edited 12/12/08
i knew they where guys but, its a visual kei band they're supposed to be all feminine so yu shouldnt blame people for thinking they look like girls (i dont think they look like girls)
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Posted 12/16/08
The first time I saw alice nine, I can tell that they are all guys because I'm an experienced Visual-Kei fan. Hahaha

Actually, I can tell right away that alice nine are all guys.
Posted 12/17/08
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Posted 12/18/08
Well, everyone has told by now that they're definitely guys. I'm sure it would be a little more confusing when they were more visual kei, but it's kind of obvious now O_o
The whole feminine men thing goes back to Kabuki. Sometimes, they purposely make themselves look like women because Kabuki were entertainers (all men) and they were seen as role models. So, they're just trying to stay with tradition and want to be role models. It's pretty cool how Japan still stays very traditional even today.
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Posted 1/8/11
I first visual kei band I have seen was Vidoll and I was certain that the bassist Rame was a chick until I heard him speak and I was like ^0^. So when I first saw Alice Nine I knew they all had to be guys. The one and only Jrocker I still can't believe is a guy is HIZAKI!!!! XD

He is too beautiful to be a guy.
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Posted 2/25/11
lol when I first heard of Alice Nine I was already into visual kei so I was used to it anyway ^^"" I knew instantly that they were all guys. They may sometimes look feminine but they're definitely guys XP
Hot guys ;D

OMG VERSAILLES gfhjalfhsakhgfhasdkjhfsjfgasdkjgfasg HIZAKI!! I was already into visual kei when I started listening to Versailles too so I instantly figured he was a guy but I STILL to this day CANNOT believe he's a guy >.< (even though he's one of my fave j-rock guitarists ^^ ...along with Tora and Hiroto <3 ...and Uruha from the GazettE...I'm going off topic now >.<)

In my oppinion, Alice Nine are one of the LEAST girly visual kei bands >.< (yet some of my friends still think they look like girls DX *cries in corner*)
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