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List of Ethnicites - Here you may request Changes and Additions
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23 / M / Dethwood
Posted 1/27/09
You should be able to click more than one on the list.

How about putting
"African European"
"Mixed" makes me feel like a mutt.
Or "Hybrid" is good. =D

But I agree..
Nationality & Ethnic should be kept separate.
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24 / F / look down
Posted 1/28/09
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24 / M / Macau
Posted 2/2/09
The Macanese and the Chinese/Portuguese of Macau S.A.R are waiting for their ethnicity to be listed including myself.....
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117 / Christmas Island
Posted 2/2/09
put 'other'
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28 / M / Probrably Hell?
Posted 2/9/09

BasouKazuma wrote:

As the title says, this thread will show you the full list of ethnicities that you can choose from on your profile. If you would like to request any additions to the list or change the name of an item, then post your request here. My hope is to get a good list so that everyone can be happy with what they've picked and not feel like they had to pick something because there was no better choice.

For starters though, we will only allow the maximum combination of two races per entry. If you are a mix of 3 or more races you'll just have to choose the two that you identify yourself with most and not post in this thread since the request will be denied.

I will try to keep this list up-to-date but it would be good for everyone to look over the requests quickly to make sure your request wasn't already posted by someone else.

You can see the full list of Ethnicities by clicking the the spoiler link below. There are over 1000 entries so it will make the page stretch far down.

You can also use the quick search form on you Edit Profile page to make sure that the Ethnicity wasn't already added.

Honestly I put on my ethnicity but in my opinion some people dont make friends with other just because of their ethnicity background. But who knows people dont look at that. I say you make a poll if you should keep it on or remove it.
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77 / F / Barking
Posted 2/15/09
Anyone suggest British African/African-British whatever
Posted 2/17/09
theres no filipino american im filipino american D=
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25 / F / Canada
Posted 3/10/09
I'm half filipino and half french.
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117 / F / where dreams are...
Posted 3/29/09
Haitian Dominican American
Posted 4/7/09
Just realised...can I get Chinese-British added? =]
Posted 4/13/09
Filipino-american please
Posted 4/14/09
I'm "Filipino American"
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F / On the Roof
Posted 5/11/09
Can you add Asian-Island Pacificer please
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31 / F / Hat Yai, Thailand
Posted 5/24/09
I couldnt find Thai-Chinese in the list..I dont mind being Chinese only, but actually, wouldnt it be better to have 2 columns for Ethnicites?
I dont know of the uses of the Ecthnicites, but I'm sure it almost changes nothing if it's removed.
Posted 5/25/09
North Indian, because there is a diffrence between North and South.
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