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Who's wedding scene was the best or cutest?
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F / Antique bookshop
Posted 6/29/09
ansol couple

coz its funny

with andy kissing her on the lip, while she looks absolutely smug after that
solbi kissing andy on the forehead........making her looks her a fairy with her fluffy short dress
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23 / F / newyork
Posted 7/6/09
mmmm, all the couples were kind of different and sweet in their own way.
It's kind of unfair because the PD admitted to cutting out a lot of Alsin's wedding scenes. and also, they were the only couple that hadn't viewed the pictures later on because the PD cut that out too. I swear, they have something against alsin lmao.

ansol - lol they were very realistic, i thought i was watching a real couple haha XD! I thought they were cutely intimate, and i love the kiss scene they're photoshoot was the most simple, but their photographer was the least annoying haha

ant couple - wow they're photoshoot was so greatt o-o they had a lot of outfits and scenes and such, i bet the other couples were jealous watching the videos afterwards XD i thought they were shy (for once) and cute :3

alsin - honestly, i cant really remember their photoshoot, but i remember the look on alex's eyes when he saw sinae. aww that was sooo sweet! lmao "thank u god!!" XD haha that was the most hilarious response
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Posted 8/12/09
andy and solbi
Posted 8/15/09
Can I be lame and say all of them?

But honestly if I had to choose, I'd have to go with Alex and Shinae.
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24 / F / 어디로 슈퍼 주니어에서, 난 거...
Posted 2/9/11
I love Kangin & Yoonji wedding style : )
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