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Posted 7/11/08 , edited 7/11/08
**Academy Fantasia season 3 (3 July - 9 Sept)**

The 12V 13 people who had been selected to be an Academy Fantasia superstar for season 3 are:

V1 Ta
V2 Pett
V3 Apple-Sherry
V4 Zara
V5 Mint
V6 Toon
V7 Dong
V8 Boy
V9 Kor
V10 Luktarn
V11 Bruna
V12 Tui

*Week 1*

- In the first week, Bruna V11 got the least popular Vote but there is a surprise where his majesty the king's song should not be used for competition so no one was eliminated

*Week 2*
- This week song is a pair song
- Luktarn V10 was eliminated

Week 3
- This week song is the music style of each V
- The most shocking event was Pett V2 had been eliminated

Week 4
- This week song is the favourite song genre from each V
- Bruna V11 was eliminated

Week 5
- This week song is animal song
- Apple and Sherry V3 was eliminated

Week 6
- This week song is a song for mum
- Tui V12 have to leave for Hong Kong to meet with Ron Ng because he wish to share his experience with the person who have the most popular vote.

Week 7
- This week song is a dance music
- Toon V6 was eliminated

Week 8
- This week song is luktook song
- Dong V7 was eliminated

Week 9
- This week song is a song used in movie or drama
- Kor V9 was eliminated

Week 10
- The final announcement was

1st Tui V12
2nd Ta V1
3rd Boy V8
4th Mint V5
5th Zara V4
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