Posted 7/11/08
are they also GAYS/LESBIANS?

i had a gay friend who said that this kind of sexual orientation / preference
shouldn't be considered at all because they're part of the it's just the same right?
on the other hand, i find them interesting..
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Posted 7/11/08

the difference is that they are "double-blades"...hehe

and yes they are interesting.. yet scary at the same time...
i mean, what if your bf is actually a "maya" or "double-blade"?
and you would catch "him" cheating on you with another "him"?
Posted 7/11/08
they enjoy the best of both worlds
Posted 7/11/08
^Yes, they do. They're so cheap T_T
Posted 7/11/08
Watching porn = Extra turn-on.
Posted 7/11/08
Posted 7/11/08

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