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Posted 7/11/08 , edited 7/11/08
If you could create a supergroup, who would you choose as your line up?

Mine would be:

Bass: Victor Wooten
Drums: Morgan Ågren
Guitar: Govan Guthrie
Guitar: Fredrik Thordendal
Keys: Mats Öberg
Vocals: Mikael Åkerfeldt


Bass: Sean Malone
Drums: Dave Lombardo
Guitar: Michael Romeo
Guitar:Ron Jarzombek
Vocals: Mike Patton

No idea on what the band name would be though. =P
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Posted 7/11/08
awww, I was gonna make a thread like this, but I didn't have enough points. LOL.

ANYWAYS, it'd be..

Toma Ikuta
Akanishi Jin

LOL I'd name it TAKKY!
WOOOOOOOOOOO! they don't play instuments, 'cause the only instrument they can play is their voice :D.

ohyes& if Nick Jonas could speak Japanese, or sing it for that matter, he'd be in the group somewhere XD.
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