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Posted 7/12/08 , edited 7/12/08
[TRANS] What's In? July Interview

----Firstly! Let’s hear your thoughts about your first arena tour

YC: Although it was a 2 month tour, it felt like it flashed by. The reason why I think that way is because we weren’t shy on stage. Although we’ve always worked hard and had fun on stage, it was a lot more fun on stage this time. This feeling is so good that I don’t really know how to explain it. *laughs* It’s somewhat different from ‘calmness’; we did the life tour with ‘comfort’ so I was really happy

JJ: During our previous concerts in halls, the audience was in front of us, and we could see their reactions very clearly from the stage. We paid too much attention on the ‘reaction from the audience’, and we still do. However, the first thing I realized was that the performance hall for our Arena tour become bigger, because we were sharing such feelings with the audience, it was great that we didn’t have that strange anxiety anymore.

---- The audience memorized the songs from your album [T] and sang along with you.

JS: I was really happy and touched

YH: I heard from the staff that ‘It’s a common courtesy for audience to memorize the songs of the artiste whose concert they’ll be attending’. Later we realized ‘It also happens for such a big place like the Arena’, and I was really touched

JJ: Instead, the members were the ones who got the lyrics wrong *laughs*

CM: I could sincerely enjoy the live. Although there were times when my condition wasn’t very good, the audiences’ response, cheers, and smiling faces gave me power, and we become more energetic as well

YH: It was a tour that we felt had many good points in a large arena

----Large arena, and because it was a large-scale live concert where you fully utilized the stage, therefore, you must’ve taken a long time to prepare mentally and physically. How was it?

YH: We did a lot of preparations!! So that we could present to everyone a stage ‘only THSK can do’

JS: I thought ‘THSK’s live must be a live that is pleasing visually and audibly’

JJ: A stage that’s full of songs and dances that distinguishes THSK

YH: Actually, I never thought that I would feel such a sense of loss after the tour ended. I really want to do it again. I really miss doing this~! *The other members agree loudly*

JS: I don’t know if I’m the only one that thinks this way but even when THSK carries out activities in Japan, up till last year, I still got this feeling that ‘We’re Korean artistes carrying out promotional activities in Japan’. I thought it’d be really difficult to shed this image, I only felt that we’re recognized as ‘TOHOSHINKI’ in Japan this year and that we’ll be heading in that direction

JJ: And here ends Junsu’s press conference

---However, you were imitating ‘Sekai no Nabeatsu’ in your MC segments, right? Who’s idea was that?

CM: Our manager recommended it to us because he really likes ‘Sekai no Nabeatsu’ *laughs*
YH: As a matter of fact, those gags were really hard to do

JS: Compared to THSK’s image as artistes who are cool and handsome, I think that that seeing the part of us that’s interesting and fun can actually be part of our charm

YC: We wanted to see if the audience could accept the funny side of us since we were always singing so seriously on stage

CM: While we were MCing during the tour, the standard of our gags increased, right?
JJ: We really wanted to burst out laughing while doing the gags, it was really hard trying to control our laughter *laughs*

----I’ll be anticipating what kind of live you’ll be presenting next

JS: I really want to put up another live concert soon! *everyone claps*

----While doing the 2 month long tour, what did you do to relieve stress?

YH: We still had some time left before the Saitama Arena, so we were watching movies through DVDs, and played games. And during the one day break between the Hiroshima-Nagoya live, we went with the staff to a hot spring.

JS: The open-air baths were really nice!

YC: I always give a toast with draught beer after a live, it makes me happy and relieves my stress. Japanese beer is the best

JJ: We went around the whole country eating delicious food

YC: That…fish that was baked with salt till it hardened? I ate that separately!

----Are you talking about Sasakamaboko?

YC: That was really delicious

CM: My way of relieving stress is Junsu! I feel better just looking at mood maker Junsu’s face. Playing horrible pranks on Junsu makes me relax~ *laughs*
JS: Changmin doesn’t know how to express his liking for me because he likes me too much

JJ: I’ll lay out all my clothes before I sleep, checking the fashion and style. That helps me relieve stress

JS: What on earth do you do that for? *laughs* This is the Jaejoong we don’t know about

JJ: I do it secretly *bitter laugh*

---However, because (at that point in time) you can only think of clothes, you don’t know any other ways of relieving your stress

JJ: Besides that, weights training can also help me relieve stress. At first, I did it to build my body and to raise my stamina, but slowly, it became a way for me to relieve stress

JS: If it’s a habit, you’d feel rather strange if you didn’t do it. Feeling like you left something out?
JJ: After I do weight training, I can really sleep well *laughs*

JS: I don’t really seem to have a special method of relieving stress

--- Why?

JS: I feel relaxed as long as I’m standing on stage, so there’s no need to a separate method

CM: Spoken like a model student *laughs*

JS: *innocent smile*
CM: I think Junsu’s method of relaxing seems to be being tortured by me. *laughs* Perhaps you’d miss me if I stopped teasing you?

JS: That’s just the opposite. I torture Changmin, therefore, Changmin can relax *laughs*

YH: It doesn’t matter who does what! *laughs*

---- Yunho said the correct thing

JJ: As for me, I feel better just looking at these 2 bickering.

Translated by: Sparkskey
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