Crunchyland Item/Avatar/NPC uploads
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Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/13/08


If your wondering why the vote count didnt change is cause i voted again to take the Screenie,

Show meh your favorite uploaded pictures :3 and your ratings for them
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Posted 7/13/08

And this isn't easy to say but...

Some people are so incompetent. You guys that are submitting retarded, out of place, out of proportion, unedited, stolen images from anime, other online games whatever you name it, STOP. You're only making it lag more and holding up the acceptance/denial of submissions that deserve to be taken a look at. Hell I'd even go as far as saying the reason Shinji hasn't approved of a lot of the items is because they're way back on page 4785328752 of that thread now because your stupid submissions. If you wanna play those games, watch those anime, please go right ahead we'll be right behind ya, just don't waste your and everyone else's time.

Well what do you know that wasn't hard to say at all.
Posted 7/13/08
No picture thread.
Posted 7/13/08
This thread can turn into a picture thread. Sorry

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