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The following information in this section reveals information from Volume 12. If you don't want to read the spoilers you better avoid this section completely. Just go the section underneath this one.

#1: Sunako was born in Hokkaido. Thus she loves the cold. And thus she can't tolerate heat whatsoever.

#2: Sunako loves, worships and idolizes chocolate.

#3: Sunako does indeed have parents. :x (Spoiler Alert!! Reference: Chapter 21)

#4: Sunako's appreciation of anything dark comes from her grandma! Bet you didn't expect that.

#5: Sunako's best friend is actually the snow fairy!! Unfortunately they spend little time together because she lives in Hokkaido.




I bet you're wondering what sort of crazy combination made Sunako.

Well to make a Sunako you need a regular, but very loving, dad that's absolutely petrified of anything dark or horrific (He actually faints when he sees them!) and a gorgeous woman with killer strength. Actually when you think about it, it makes some sense. O_O

Sunako's Parents

The father is a businessman, so he cannot see Sunako as often as he would like to. As for the mother, it's my impression that she travels with her husband, so she can't see Sunako much either. Hence Sunako had to live with her aunt, the landlady.

By the way, don't tell anybody that the father is insanely jealous of Kyohei because he gets to live with Sunako. Because of the landlady, he thought that Kyohei and Sunako were going out! So he decided to go to the mansion to observe Kyohei, and just look at the Chapter 21 summary to see how that turned out. =]

Sunako's relationship with her parents is very good. Practically the opposite of Kyohei's relationship with his parents. Sunako loves her parents dearly, even if she doesn't really express it. Occasionally she appears to be cold, but she isn't. That's just Sunako being Sunako. lol

As a matter of fact Sunako always keeps in a box a picture of her parents and her (as a toddler) when they were on a trip. How sweet.
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AWWW.... SEASON 2...

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season 2 really? yeah ^^
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Spoilers...Yeah, I got em.
I buy the magazine almost always the day they come out.
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I'm waiting for this. I don't like only in manga. I watched yamato nadeshiko when I was grade 6 student and that was years ago. And it happened that I watch it again today and OH I FELL IN LOVE.. what now? it's 2012 and yet there's still no new season. Yes, Yamato Nadeshiko is still on going and we can read manga online but what the hell!! What can i do with a book?? IT'S NOT EVEN MOVING! THE CHARACTERS ARE NOT MOVING. in short, THERE IS NO EMOTION!! I miss the voice of Kyohei Takano >_<
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