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F / in a world where...
Posted 8/9/08 , edited 8/10/08

kintsuchl wrote:

samakaziki wrote:

kintsuchl wrote:

Why juu should be a mod:

name: aly or aly-chan (or baka-chan <= WOOT! X3)
why i should be a mod: wellz... i like being all random (<= 0-o - wtf face says: when was that a reason? tsk, tsk, tsk, gots a retard here XD)
i try to be funny (<= 0-o - wtf face says: doesn't that like never work 0-o)
i am actually thinking of making a story and i would love it if people would read it X3
i can make some stuff for the group (it will be sucky though <= 0-o - wtf face says: umms doesn't everyone know that <= =3= - meh face says: that could be true... XD)
i guess that's it ^-^

lolol juuur a moddie (:

fufufu, arigatou ^-^
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