If you Had the Ability to Choose Your abilities
Posted 7/14/08 , edited 7/14/08
If u had the ability to choose ur name , race, powers, weapons, and such wat would u choose??
This is wat I'll choose:

Name:shoichi daisuke

Gender:male duhh

Race:pure blooded vampire

Powers: to control light and darkness

Weapons: rebellion the Devil sword , sephiroths sword, clouds sword and blue rose gun!

Now tell me bout u guys wht would u like??

Ps: I dont know if this is a duplicate feel free to lock if is a duplicate!!
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21 / M / spacing out looki...
Posted 7/14/08
Name:Jho Ney
Race:unique human
Powers: to control all the elements i know (fire, water, lighting, air, earth, darkness, light)
Weapons: my own elements created weapons, or a weapon that can focus/add more power to my powers xD
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23 / F / Island in the mid...
Posted 7/14/08
Name: Ruina

Gender: Female

Race: Elven. :3

Powers: Nature (Like trees and whatnot. 8D)

Weapons: Bow and arrow!

Lol, I'd live in a forest fantasy world! With Centuars and magical necklaces. xD
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27 / M / So Cal
Posted 7/14/08
Name: Petahhh

Gender: Male

Race: Asian cuz we're the best

Powers: i want to fly

Weapons: to like..throw fireballs from my hands and stuff lol iono i just want wings
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25 / M / i dont know
Posted 7/14/08


Race:blisk/critopridiam(from destroy all humans 2)^^

Powers:telakanisis,super streght,shape shifting,and mind control

Weapons:can production of weapons:any kinda ^^
Posted 7/14/08
Name: A english first name
Gender: same
Race: same
Powers: all of superman's powers plus invisibility
Weapon: Swords (it's more fun and wudnt ran out of bullets)
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26 / M / England, Berkshire.
Posted 7/14/08
Name: *Same name, or name I've set myself for what I am*
Gender: Male
Race: Shapeshifter
Power: Shapeshifting
Weapon: Do I really need them?
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23 / M / New York City~
Posted 7/14/08
Name: blaze

Gender: Keep me male.. o_o

Race: An ordinary human.

Powers: Fire Manipulation

Weapons: Basically the stuff i have right now... Custom Dual Swords, Tonfas, Custom Long Samurai Sword, Custom Dagger, and Shuriken although i dont have too many of those..
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22 / F / Away from Stalkers
Posted 7/14/08
Name: ------------
Gender: the same
Race: HUman
Powers: Mind reading, Telekinekis, premonitions, shape shifting, enhance hearing, speed, super strength
Weapons: Katana, Korean sword, Lots of daggers, Shurikens, and other swords
Posted 7/14/08
Name- Emma?
Gender - Female?
Race?- Err Human?
Powers- Shape shifting and water abilities.
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32 / F / Denver
Posted 7/14/08
Name: Hotch or Melroy
Gender: If I had the ability to choose, I would be a dude... sometimes
Race: Hebrew
Powers: Tie knots like boy scouts
Weapon: I'm a MAN I don't need a weapon.
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24 / M / land of promise,...
Posted 7/14/08

Name: Giovanni
Gender: male
Race: shinigami/or i dunno..
Powers: to control water. 100% manipulation of water
Weapons: sword??
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76 / Unreachable Dream...
Posted 7/14/08

Name: Miko Matsumura (Matsumura Miko)

Gender: Type A Orange Martian

Race: Orange Martian

To disable everyone's thought processes

The "DISABLER" ray.
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25 / M / Texas
Posted 7/14/08
Name: Orlando (my real name)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Powers: Shape shifting
Weapon: Clothes that shape shift with me. Wouldn't wanna turn into a eagle then turn back naked. >>
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F / Chicago, IL
Posted 7/14/08
There's quite a few of these threads.

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