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Styling Essential
Posted 7/22/08
Tank top
Cute shirt
Skinny jeans
Earrings which I almost never take off

I'm fine as long as it's cute and comfortable. Doesn't have to be brand name and I usually try to avoid buying clothes/accessories that just aren't worth the price.
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Posted 7/23/08
Brand name T-shirt.
Sneakers/Flip Flops.
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29 / M / Noitacol
Posted 7/23/08
For me , jeans , very short sleeved t-shirts , MP3 , wrist band ! shoes maybe flip-flops XD
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28 / F / the land of palm...
Posted 7/23/08
I love my designer jeans :] True Religions, Sevens, Juicy Couture, Chip and Pepper, Rock & Republic, DVB, etc etc
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77 / ~wherever sarcasm...
Posted 7/23/08
mostly jeans and sassy tops
or sometimes,, I'd wear mini dresses with leggings or shorts inside
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Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/23/08

music190 wrote:

wth is up with the last picture? Are those girls or just 10 year old boys attempting to be girls?

girls ....but pls check on the tattoo as posted so readers may notice. the tattoo was lifted from the picture of a man and pasted on them using photo edit i was lazy to look for a good tattoo picture for the thread

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28 / F / Glamorous NYC!
Posted 7/29/08
dior bag, gucci sunglasses, classy pumps, simple but form fitting dress.
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Posted 7/30/08
I'm a bad dresser, I have HORRIBLE taste in clothes -.-"
Posted 7/30/08
i like to wear top that are black :] the style well,, i like the ones with skulls or i uno anything thats cool` like ed hardy, smet, juicy, rock & republic, &&& yeah
Posted 7/30/08
uh......i usually wear like non fancy but i do have these bebe skinny jeans and and like my heels are steve madden and nine

but usually its like straight leg jeans and a
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24 / F / Tampa, FL
Posted 7/30/08
Haha, I love fashion =P

I always wear a lot of jewelry. I have a 22K gold set of earrings, necklace, and bangles and I wear 5 rings.

Usually I pick out a cute tanktop or blouse and wear them with jeans, but sometimes I'll do things like wear a minidress or a long, loose-fitted blouse with leggings.

As for shoes...I love flipflops.
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23 / F / Hong Kong
Posted 8/20/08
I wear anything just as long as I look cool, cute and stylish.
Posted 8/20/08 , edited 8/20/08
since its summer:

black gladiator sandals.
black leather bag.
a dress.
or skinny jeans & a wifebeader.
or cut-off shorts & a tee with a vest.
hippie shades.
(fake) diamond-ish stud earrings.

pink lip gloss & chappy.

& i always have my phone/radio with me!
+ my hot pink umbrella since TX weather is so unpredictable.

Posted 8/21/08
black polos are in trust me
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22 / F / Planet Earth
Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08
I tend to buy things at Papaya (I don't like Hollister and Abercrombie for the fact that their designs NEVER change. -____-) but I sometimes buy clothes from non-designer brands as long as they're cute. So as long as it looks cute and my style, I'll like it. And hopefully buy it. xD

As for shoes, since I don't really buy shoes much (I only have......6 pairs of shoes, one Gothic Lolita costume shoes) it's mainly a choice between converse or flip flops I got at Albertsons.
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