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Posted 7/15/08
okey ..

so we all know pureblood's ability right ?..

let's talk about the nobles ??

okay ..

Aidou's ability is ice ?..

Kain is fire ..

Shiki is bloodwhip ..

so .. is

Rima's ability .. lightning ?..

tell me !!

and also ..

Ichijou must be a noble right ?..

so .. you know his ability ?

tnx !! ^^mich^^
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Posted 7/15/08
hmmm...i don't think ive seen exactly what ichijou's power is in the manga.

but he does wield a sword, right? it's the one he used to splice that vampire attacking shiki and rima in chap41, and that time when he was ordered by kaname to kill a level e outside cross academy grounds.

i haven't seen what ruka and seiren's powers are, too. maybe they'll come up later as the story progresses (especially since they'll be fighting rido now).
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Posted 7/25/08
Seiren uses her nails to fight? Or maybe she fights barehands? In the anime, she is also seen to have the power to erases people's memories?
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