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23 / F / Under a shiney ro...
Posted 7/15/08
At first, i thought Tadase-kun was pretty cute, but when I saw Ikuto.......
well,iguess i just thought "omg he's vry hott and so cool...uknow??mysterious.......
every time Amu's in trouble it's always Ikuto that shows up to save her. Not Tadase-kun.
He's cute&all, but still...
Amuto forever!
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Posted 7/15/08
Let's see, I support Amuto because I thought Amu really liked Ikuto since her heart beats so much faster around him. But Tadase is cute but I find Amu and Ikuto looking better together. I don't dislike Tadase, but Amuto is a good pair and it shouldn't be change.
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23 / F / my world of darkness
Posted 8/5/08
At first i thought Tadase was cute and he matches Amu....but after a few encounters w/ amu and ikuto...........i thought tat ikuto is HOT............and tat amu and ikuto likes each other back so i rlly hope tat they would end up together.......! tadase is also cute though...............
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21 / F / Anime World
Posted 10/17/09
At first- like the first 3-5 eps I was for Tadase and Amu, but after I saw sexy Ikuto I was like "Amu should be with Ikuto!!!"

Who can't resist??!!
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