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Pet Peeves
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26 / F
Posted 7/18/12
Manipulative bitches who would say anything nasty, or complain and whine just for attention. Dude get your negativity away from me, it's so dull, your life must be pretty sad. Self centered bitches. Nobody wants to hear your entire life story it's not even remotely interesting. Stop acting like you're the queen of the world.
Posted 7/18/12
When I try and Ignore someone and they just keep repeating themselves over and over about un-interesting things.
Posted 8/17/12
Someone who stares at me
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25 / M / Texas
Posted 8/17/12 , edited 8/17/12
rubbing styrofoam together it hurts my ears same thing when you rub cotton swabs together and people asking me too many questions.
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31 / M / Gotham City
Posted 8/17/12
Boobies hidden under a ton of clothing.
Posted 8/17/12 , edited 8/17/12
When people open my door without knocking but don't close it when they go back out. This is why I lock my door a lot. So people can't do this.

Leaving dirty knives/cooking utensils out on the counter (at least put them in the sink).

Knocking on the bathroom door while I am showering or bathing...seriously, it doesn't matter what you are trying to tell me. It makes me rush to finish, I can't hear you, and have to turn off the water. Even then, I still cant hear you...just WAIT outside!

When people leave drinks out in random places that are practically full. I can understand drinks with only one or two gulps left, but don't leave a can of beer in the hallway that you've only had one droplet of. Finish that **** or at least try your best.

Loud noises in the morning that prevent me from going back to sleep.

Arrogant, obnoxious, stuck-up people. Try putting yourself in someone else's shoes before you decide to be a b****, please.

Drivers who park with one side way over the line (especially in a packed parking lot). Learn to park, ***hole.

People who turn on their emergency lights but don't pull over to the side and just stop in the road. Seriously. What. The. Faq. Emergency lights =/= stop anywhere you want. Pull the hell over.

Rubberneckers and slow-a** drivers on the highway. If you don't want to cause more accidents, don't slow down to 30 MPH just because you want to see a small collision 2 lanes away from you.
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28 / F / Boston
Posted 8/17/12

Talking with your mouth full.

Getting cut off in traffic.

When people pretend to know what they are talking about when i really know they arent sureor have half the facts.

When peolethink money or status will get them their way.

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25 / F / United States
Posted 8/17/12
People who act like they have the worst life in the world. *"Oh my God, my life sucks! My parents hate me!"

People who feel like the world is ending when they end up getting out of a relationship. *"Oh my God they broke up with me! I was in love!"

People who feel that it's okay to bash another's sexuality or religion. *"You are a Christian so your stupid. Your an Atheist so your stupid. Your gay so your stupid." I should start making fun of people for being straight. Doesn't make sense does it? Well neither does making fun of someone for being gay

People who think it's cool to make fun of people because of their style of clothing. *I wear ultra hightops, colored skinny jeans and Kingdom Hearts T-shirts everyday. You wear a solid color T-shirt with the word "Hollister" written on it and short shorts that show your butt cheeks. Don't give me that crap.

Spoiled children. *"Wahhh I don't have this! I just got the ltest cell phone because I threw a fit to mommy and daddy!"

When people repeat themselves. *Over and over.

When people think their cool because they wear skimpy clothes and have lots of relationships at the same time. *coughs*sluts*coughs*
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32 / M / US
Posted 8/18/12
Dudes trying to were funky looking color socks without a argyle design.
Dude that puts their tie clip above their breast pocket
Dudes that dont tie their shoes and just tuck it in.
Dudes wearing low profile shoes without socks (Buy some$*#$ women socks so your feet doesn't stink when you go on the beach)
Dudes wearing cuff-links backwards
Kids that walk like hunch-backs
Asian people fighting over the bill knowin damn well they anight gonna pay.
Random girl that sits on the right side of you at the bar and lights a cig, and eyes you wanting you to start the conversation. When im trying to gasp for air.
Random dude when your walking down the boardwalk right infront of you just starts flexin his biceps out of nowhere.
the old [email protected]# at the salon askin why i want my stylist to trim my eyebrows
People that takes 7 mins to order something from Taco Bell( Its Just nacho, beef, and cheese das it )
People that has the Ac on with a Fan on at the sametime (srsly is that lard producing that much perspiration)
People that has a million kings on a keyring( Do you really need that many keys)
Blonde streaks in Asian girls hair (wtf middle school)
5 pound thermal mugs for coffee..
People that make fun of my Dr. Who lunch Box
People that takes out 45 coupons, and use one card for their food stamps. Then use their own card to pay the rest.
Non Texan Beef jerky
How you have one Candy on sale but the other flavor isn't its the samething just not lemony.
Monday morning work conversation
People that push you to drink and women sucking down wine like its coffee everynight.

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35 / M / SOCAL
Posted 8/18/12
Probably when a person chews their food with their mouth open
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