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Pet Peeves
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24 / M
Posted 9/23/07
1.when ppl complain about fillers
2. when ppl dress like gangsters and act all COOL
3. when children swear
4. when ppl mention sex all the time, like "im gonna put my KEY into ur ignition

There are WAY more, but im gonna waste a LOT of time naming them all
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78 / M
Posted 10/29/07
A LOT of human behaviors pisses me off

1. ppl that can't stand still & they're always like in motion although they're in one place...

2. ppl that judge based on someone's appearance without knowing who they really are..

3. ppl that ask the same question more than once, and theykeep forgetting what you told them ><

4. nosy ppl..they always butt into your business..

5. mispronounciation of words
ex: Illinois....some people pronounce it with an "s"

6. i'm a clean I always clean up after I eat whether it's at home or when ppl don't do that..i get mad ><

7. whenever I use a brand new eraser..I always start with 1 corner..and I ONLY use that 1 corner
but when I let others borrow it..they start using up the other corners
so I just let them have the eraser or I throw it away..i'm weird -_-

8. whenever ppl don't talk annoys me
ex: "I don't have to prove to nobody"
^ that sentence alone pisses me

9. stupid people acting like they're smart...I diss them :D

10. annoying girls that goes "omgosh, nuh no way!"
either that or when they go "gosh I broke my nails" frickin annoyin ><

11. ppl who lie...knowing they're caught on the act..i just wanna punch them :D

12. those who seek attention & they make everything about
ex: they go in a topic that's asking for opinions and suggestions...instead of giving advice regarding to that topic..they start talking about their own experience..pisses me off ><

13. ppl that tYpeZ lYkE dIzz...daT sHiTz iS fUcKinG aNnOyInGGGG ><

14. they try to fit in and they start acting stupid to make ppl like them...

15. slow walkers..i trip them in schol ^_^

16. when they brag without proof..ya know..

17. loud they holler in the's so rude >< they have no courtesy!! >+<

18. ppl that talks a lot..but they don't do anything
like ppl who instigate "bitch ima kick ur ass"
but they never do it..-_-

19. when guys talkin about sex all the time like he's been there done htta but you know he's a virgin...

20. old men who stares...
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39 / F / Somewhere floating
Posted 10/29/07
Wow, I think Kieutie covered all of them haha.
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27 / M / Malaysia
Posted 10/29/07
those who are not so clever but thinks that hes clever
those that r stupid but dont admit it
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F / north of sanity,...
Posted 10/29/07
1. when i'm trying to get to my next class quickly but the person or people in front of me are walking extra slow
2. when people bump into you and then act like you bumped into them on purpose
3. people who are loud for no reason
and so many more........
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27 / M / Im Everywhere
Posted 10/29/07
.<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" width="250" height="300"></a>
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25 / M / Columbus, OH
Posted 10/29/07
The one and only thing that ticks we off the most. When the whitest people in the world pretend to be "gangsta" when one Black person appears. That and wannabee gangsta white kids, common your not the guy in Malibu's Most Wanted.
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Posted 11/3/07
1. When people walk slowly and I'm in a rush.
2. When my parents water down the soap..My dad's last excuse was that it was too soapy and my mom's was that she was trying to get the soap on the bottom >.<
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32 / F / unknown
Posted 11/3/07
When people mix my food. eg. like putting red beans with the gravy on rice etc. ( I'm weird I know! ) And people who are homophobic.
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25 / M / In The Empty Void...
Posted 11/3/07
My Pet peeve is when people say "trust me" i don't know why but i get this crink in my neck when people say it
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26 / M / messing with sasq...
Posted 11/3/07
When mechanical pencils squeek

I'm not all that religious, but I hate people that try to convince you God isn't real

People that chew gum constantly

People that critize bands when they've only heard one song

Chain Letters

People against hunting

Bad Children in public, just hit him already


Young people that bitch about Old people, unless the old person is a young=dumb supporter

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30 / F
Posted 11/3/07
Looking down on people

Speaking childishly

Posted 11/3/07
when someone says something...i say what did u say?...then they say nevermind..
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24 / F / Singapore
Posted 11/3/07
Untrue friends ;(
& when my mom speaks like she knows me oh-so well.
I don't think it's teenage angst.
Oh, & when people KNOWINGLY hurt me. & don't do anything to heal it.
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30 / F / the country of Su...
Posted 11/4/07
- Bad fake accents
- People who don't know their geography (even worse if they pretend they do know)
- Really horrendous spelling and grammar
- PepOle WhO tYpE lyKe diS
- People who try to make you convert religions
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