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Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/19/08
Lets know more about each other
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24 / F
Posted 7/19/08
the name is tammmmmy(: pleasure to meet you, currently 14 and UNHOLLERABLE[: always in the mood to make friends, i dont discriminate, im 50%viet, 25% chinese& 25% a vegetarian, haha asian vegetarian, weird isnt it? dont ever underestimate me cause of my size, freshman, going to be a sophmore in high schoool[: studying isnt my thing(: ] i simply LALALOVE anime likee
special A
shugo chara
vampire knight
kamichama karin
kirarin revolution
. people doesnt think so cause of my looks >___< love sports, imma tomboy[:
in shorter terms,
The name tammmmmy(: is written all over my face. I'm the same person when I leave the room as how I entered it. My heart has the names of my lovers tatooed on it. I leave my footprints at the beach &shoeprints at wherever life has taken me. I paint my own dreams in my head but I'm still focused on reality. Life has left me scars, but also memories.
or just call me tori[:
Tori Hayashi
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F / behind the place...
Posted 7/19/08
my fav color...GREEN!

Anybody can call me Haru-chan

i like almost all anime mostly the good quality ones^^

i cant spell that well.. O well XD

im on almost everyday ya my name is jazmine^^

i live in califorinia

i have an outgoing personallyity, just depends wat mood im in

im a very wierd and random person

i love potatoes
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25 / F / USA
Posted 7/19/08
hi i'm angie
pleasure to meet you guys :D
some stuff about me would be:
i'm 16 years old
i'm a girl, if you haven't already figured that out
anime is pretty much my life, i love it, if you ever wanna talk about it i'm here :D
o and i'm christian, for religious reference.
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24 / M / A calmer place th...
Posted 7/19/08
I'm Montage. Do whatever ya like with the name. I talk a lot due ta all my thoughts goin' ta the keyboard whenever I type (I call it MtK or Mind to Keyboard). I have anywhere from 3 ta 5 little kids runnin' around at all times so things are pretty hectic around me. I like ta live as carefree as possible, most times I'll disregard my problems but end up takin' on my friends problems in the process. I don't mind at all since it's easier most times ta solve their problems. All in all, I'm a pretty hyper, random guy.
Posted 7/20/08
Hi! My name is Suriyu. I come from Thailand, but now I live in Denmark. ^^
I like to eat (I'm not fat! I eat almost everything! Thai-food, Danish-food, Japanese-food and.... Yeah, everything!), watch animes,
read mangas, draw mangas, make AMVs.
I'm gonna tell you that I always sit down in front my computer. Computer and animes are my LIFE!
Plus! I really laugh very much in reality! >_< I always laugh! And I act like a tomboy!
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22 / F / Cavite,Philippines
Posted 7/20/08 , edited 7/20/08
You can call me CHEN
I'm a filipina!!!
I'm tall and quite chubby because i love to eat but I'm athletic!
Soccer and truck and field are my fave

A big fan of JAPAN....and SHUN OGURI...
A photographer,writer,designer,artist,model, drummer wannabe....
I love to read novels.....and write my own stories......hehehe...
I love meeting new friends...
Quite boyish....
A christian....yeah!!!
wanna be my friend????
Posted 7/20/08
Hi hi
You can call me anything you like...
Of course that would be handy if you would know my name
well... my name is Stacey
I'm from the Netherlands
And i am 16 years old
I LOVE japanese food, anime, manga's and the country
So yeah i bassicly love JAPAN...
One of my dreams is to go at least once to Japan in my life
I love the colour blue....
Cause blue ROCKS
That reminds me, i like all kinds of music, but mostly rock.
I like a lot of things, so thats to much to name now.
But of course i love art.
I love drawing.
I would do it 24/7 :w00t:
Ok i'm kidding
of course i would do other things to do
Well hope to be your friend
Any questions???
Dont be afraid to ask
Well, i guess that was it
Posted 7/20/08
Some things about me is that I don't reveal my own identity at certain points, but I have a nickname known to be Katie.^^ My friends call me that hehe~
I love poetry, writing, stories, etc. I am known to have many different personalities, and change a lot in some cases hehe.
I love fantasy and music. I have many interests for these kind things, although I hope you got the idea. ^^
I like having fun and hopefully I'll get along with other people like you. ^^

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Posted 7/20/08
Konnichiwa Mina San, My Name is Mimi You Can Call Me Mimi-Chan Too, I'm 14 Years Old & I'm From U.A.E, I Like To Make New Friends So Feel Free To Add Me As Your Friend!! ..

p.s. to know more about me add me or take a look of my profile!!

Posted 7/20/08
hi ya I'm stephanie
pleasure to meet you guys
some stuff about me would be:
i'm 13 years old, but my b-day is coming soon*1.5 month* XD
i'm a girl, *just that you know*
anime is pretty much my life, i love it,it's the best thing in the whole world :D if you ever wanna talk about it i'm here
but i like sport too, actually i luv sports:D, expecially, baseball, footbal and basketbal
I also luv to eat eating is the best!!! XD

M favoriete colour is blue, purple, black,and sometimes pink XD
o and i'm christian 2
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23 / F / Finland
Posted 7/20/08
here's one christian too^^ (thought it would be no difference if i were atheist^^)
i'm 100% finnish and my name's tuuli.
my fav actors are oguri shun and matsumoto jun.
i've watched prince of tennis musicals lately and now i'm totally fan of kimeru^^ i like his voice^^
i'm here almost every day (except from 29th of july to 3rd of august 'cause of camp)

if you're bored, you can always come and chat wiht me^^ (if i'm online^^)
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25 / F / Where I want to be
Posted 7/20/08
um Well my name is noelle but you can calll me elle, and I love to draw and if you wanna know more talk to me or check out my profile it tells alot about me
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25 / F / http://starsxinxa...
Posted 7/20/08
>Info on my profile<
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23 / M / dying somewhere
Posted 7/21/08
You can call me Razor or RB...For my real name,you guys will have to guess
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