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Fan Girl
Posted 7/21/08
*raises hand*
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27 / M / Las Islas Filipinas
Posted 7/21/08

Repression time.
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33 / M / The Dark Side
Posted 7/21/08

Wake Up

You gotta let me in, I'm comin' back again
You're gonna need to move your life better start again
I'm closer to the end, no need now to pretend
I can be the spark of light on which you can depend
So I let it lose, make sure I don't abuse
Your life is like a booze, you drink it up and then you lose
I electrify make you bounce before you die
Eye for an eye wake up to realize

Hey what you gonna do?
If you wanna run
If you wanna fly
Better fly with me
If you wanna go
If you wanna know
If you wana run
Better run with me

Wake up
You need to back up
You need to step back
Wake up!

I'm the one who put your mind out, no doubt
This is the voice that puts the lights out, come out
Now your life is like a blackout, shout out
This is the time to put your hate out, keep out
This is the wrong side of the story, don't worry
To be friendly ain't mandatory, I'm sorry
If I'm putting too much pressure in your life
Everything will be all right
You can bounce with me tonight


I want to talk to you today
But you try to push me away
And now I'm feelin' bad
Don't hear what you say
And now Im standin' here alone
Tryin' to wait for you at home
And now I realize that I'm on my own
I am awake but you're dead inside
I'm lost in your soul
I know the pain when it burns inside
It digs in my bone


Wake up (4x)
Wake the fuck up!
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26 / F / somewhere in your...
Posted 7/21/08
most of the fangirls today are mostly ages 11-14 O_o...and they're very annoying
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26 / F / brisbane
Posted 7/21/08
lol it seems so well i havent meet one yet lol but i'll try to avoid them when the time comes
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