E P I S O D E S - T I T L E S
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26 / F / Toronto
Posted 7/19/08
E P I S O D E S - T I T L E S

1. Shugo Chara Born!
2. Egg of the Heart!
3. Flaky and Fluffy, Leave it to Su!
4. I'm the Trump Card!?
5. Shoot! Beat the ×Chara!
6. Chara-nari! Amulet Spade!
7. Small Egg!
8. I Fell in Love with Your Eyes!
9. The Seven Wonders of the Fujisaki Family!?
10. Chara-nari! Amulet Clover!
11. Holiday on the Snow Mountain!
12. Sad Christmas Eve!
13. Big Disturbance! New Year Live!
14. Shugo Chara at the Ski Slope!? Snoppe Appears!
15. The Battle at the Snowfield! Save Snoppe!
16. One Two Three☆Heart's Magic!
17. The Breathtaking Speech Contest!
18. The Delightful and Embarrassed First Date!
19. Dad and Mom's Memories!
20. The Present for You!
21. Kidnapping of Shugo Charas!
22. Shugo Charas Rescue Mission!
23. Remake Honey! My Would Be Self!
24. Sketch of Heart!
25. Nadeshiko! Goodbye despite Spring!?
26. New Beginning!
27. The Fourth Guardian Egg!
28. Joker Disqualification? New Guardians Appear!
29. Character Transformation!? Amulet Angel!
30. Class Star VS Class Moon! Cheerleader Great Activity!
31. Pretty Baby☆Great Rebellion!
32. Lonely Queen!
33. Can't Help Falling in Love!
34. Really!? Big Adventure of the Haunted Mansion!
35. The Wedding Cake of the First Love!
36. Golden King! Prequel
37. Golden King! Sequel
38. Key, Lock, He and Me!
39. Character Transformation!? Platinum Royale
40. Rima! Unlock The Heart!
41. True Self!
42. Utau Hoshina! The Last Fight!
43. Character Transformation! Amulet Diamond!
44. Twinkle of the Heart!
sorry i dont have till 51
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20 / Asian deprived area
Posted 7/19/08
ohh! i cant wait for 42 43 44 =D
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25 / F / My Bubble
Posted 7/19/08
same here linhpretty
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23 / F / THE GOOD OLD U.S....
Posted 8/7/08
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21 / F / Cross Academy!
Posted 8/7/08
um...44~!! hehe..kairi confesses...^^
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20 / M / Jakarta, Indonesia
Posted 8/7/08
what about
45. Go for it! Seiichiro!
46. Rima's Advent!? The God of Comedy!
47. I'm Utau's Manager!?
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