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Star Ocean: Second Evolution

wiki - Star Ocean: Second Evolution is an enhanced remake of Star Ocean: The Second Story for the PSP. The first details of the game were revealed at the "Star Ocean Special Stage" during the Square Enix Party 2007. Yoshinori Yamagishi, producer of the series, stated that he wants the remakes to feel as though they're completely new games. The game has seen a release in Japan on April 2, 2008, and will see a release in North America on January 6, 2009.

ign - Space Date 366: A young Federation officer finds himself transported to a mystical planet, where he is suddenly anointed as the Hero of Light. He begins a journey to fulfill a prophecy and save a newfound race.

Continuing the franchise for Star Ocean fans, this PSP release of the classic RPG delivers the same epic storytelling and dazzling art style. Set 20 years after the events of its predecessor, Star Ocean 2 receives special treatment in its PSP incarnation to further entice gamers to relive the adventure. The title takes the next step with fully animated movies, all-new character designs, extra playable characters, fully voiced dialogue, and more.

Release Date: January 6, 2009

Second Evolution features new content, including new playable characters. Production I.G provided new artwork and animated cutscenes for the game. There are new voice actors and extensive amounts of new, fully voiced dialogue.

The opening song is "Start", performed by SCANDAL.
Voice Cast

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Claude C. Kenni Daisuke Namikawa TBA
Rena Lanford Nana Mizuki TBA
Dias Flac Tomokazu Sugita TBA
Celine Jules Saki Nakajima TBA
Ashton Anchors Akira Ishida TBA
Precis F. Neumann Rie Kugimiya TBA
Bowman Jean Keiji Fujiwara TBA
Leon D.S. Geeste Yumiko Kobayashi TBA
Opera Vectra Atsuko Tanaka TBA
Ernest Raviede Hiroki Touchi TBA
Noel Chandler Takahiro Mizushima TBA
Chisato Madison Fuyuka Ooura TBA
Welch Vineyard Tomoe Hanba TBA
Gabriel Rikiya Koyama TBA
Lucifer Shinichiro Miki TBA
Michael Hiroki Touchi TBA
Haniel Taiten Kusunoki TBA
Star Ocean: Second Evolution Accessory Kit Set

Hori, the Japanese game peripheral manufacturer, have unveiled a Second Evolution-branded PSP accessory set to be released alongside the game on April 2, 2008. The kit includes the following: a limited, gray PSP case with the Star Ocean logo (not a new PSP entirely, like some thought), matching headphones, a cell phone strap, and finally, 2 UMD cases to hold both First Departure and Second Evolution games. The kit's release seems to coincide with First Departure Eternal Edition package.
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