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Posted 7/20/08 , edited 7/20/08
Well if you havent i suggest you do.
the manga has differences.
the novels give important information not discuss or seen in the manga. ex like how does it feel to be in his new room, or the long horse ride to the palace.
fanfiction not one of favorites cause to many yuuram stories. personally i see them more as all friends. Some might adore yuri more then others.
well for all you yurram fans (long 33 chapters) (58 pages with 25 stories on each pg)
one of the fanfiction not yurram (four chapters)

novels online + some doujinshi (fanfiction with pictures) (only douginshi)
.......well it illegal only..but i wont mine a pm if you found past chapter 9

LOOKING For Fanfiction or doujinshi
1) yuri forgets he is the maou
2) train hes powers
3) answers questions like mother, houeski not effecting him. etc
4) not at a well a hard core yaoi (or any yurram :()

Tell me if you found you found some good fanfiction or doujinshi (any doujinshi find) cause these episodes are to long of a wait. (seen series 3 times in last 6 days...all 92)
P.s anyone notice yuri mothers might just have secret of her own.
notices he king
the advice
notice sons switch (mothers should but...)
she reminds me alot like murata something about her seems to cunning with the smile of a idiot

ok seriously she doesn't look like she has aged

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Posted 12/8/08 , edited 12/8/08
I haven't read the novels yet but I've been looking for them, so thank you very much!
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