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Best Plot or storyline ever
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Posted 5/23/13

Kellesk wrote:

kawaiicelia wrote:

Also with One Piece being one of the highest selling manga out there right now, and one of the highest grossing movies, I'm sure others would agree with me too.

Mmmm............... No.
Not the highest grossing movies. They're not wildely nor nearly as popular as Harry Potter, Titanic, or Avatar.

But does One Piece have great movies? I'd say they're all very enjoyable ^__^

I remember reading that bit of information about the one piece film somewhere (specifically Strong World), so I mentioned something like that in my post. I'm fact checking it right now and here's what it says:

"One Piece Film Strong World, the 10th One Piece anime film, opened with 1.038 billion yen (about US$11.7 million) this past weekend. By comparison, Ponyo took in 1.025 billion yen (US$11.55 million) during its opening weekend last year. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opened on 844 screens in Japan this past July with 990 million yen (US$11.2 million)."

So technically it is one of the highest grossing movies during the opening weekend in Japan (this was probably around the time I saw the news). But I didn't make it specific in my previous post.

I also tried looking up what was the highest grossing anime movie and One Piece: Z and One Piece: Strong Word did showed up here:

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Posted 5/23/13
Death Note
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Posted 5/23/13 , edited 5/23/13
HUNTER X HUNTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted 5/23/13 , edited 5/23/13
I like stories that have more than one plot, such as maybe a fantasy adventure that has a romantic subplot. that way, while we are driven to learn about the world through the overarching story and concept, the subplots help us explore the characters. Its great balance. Shakugan no Shana and Blast of Tempest are perfect examples. The action helps us understand how the world works while there are smaller subplots that focus on character development. Shana had romance in between the action. while Blast of Tempest is much more complicated to explain it is still really cool. While trying to solve a murder mystery, the two main characters are drawn into a conspiracy that threatens world logic. So as an audience, not only are we on edge about learning who killed Aika, but there is the intensity surrounding the two trees and whether they are a good thing or bad.

I also like comedy and drama put together. That is another good balance. It keeps comedy from being too boring and drama from being to overwhelming and depressing.
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Posted 11/23/13

To keep the Forums tidy, closing threads that have been inactive for six months or more.

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