Post Reply What wii channels do u have
Posted 7/20/08 , edited 7/20/08
1.disc channel
2.mii channel
3.photo channel
4.wii shop channel
5.forecast channel
6.news channel
7.everybody votes channel
8.Internet channel
9.check mii out channel
10.Nintendo channel
11.Mario Kart Channel

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Posted 7/20/08 , edited 7/20/08
1. Disc Channel
2. Wii Shop Channel
3. Everybody Votes Channel
4. Check Mii Out Channel
5. Internet Channel
6. Mii Channel
7. Forecast Channel
8. News Channel
9. Photo Channel
10. Nintendo Channel
11. Mario Kart Channel
12. WiiWare/Virtual Console Games/ Channel (...too lazy to name it all.)

LOL I will always update my Wii with new channel, I gotta buy an SD card to make more room hehe'

By the way wouldn't it be cool for another new channel where we can interact with other Miis around the world like talk for example, Club Penguin or Gaia Online, meet new people that share interests with us make it happen Nintendo.
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Posted 7/20/08
1. Disc Channel
2. Internet Channel
3. Wii Shop Channel
4. Mariokart Channel
5. Mii Channel
6. Check Mii Out Channel
7. Everybody Votes Channel
8. Weather Channel
9. News Channel
10. Photo Channel
Btw downloaded games are channels
11. Mariokart64
12. Super Mario World
13. Lost Winds
14. Street Fighter: Hyper Fighting
15. Final Fantasy: My Life as a King
16. Sonic the Hedgehog

I believe the new Animal Crossing will cover that. Rumors say you can choose to be a mii. And nintendo may not create a channel like that because of a privacy risk. It would be like asking little kids their address and stuff. Or harrassment of users. So it would be better not to do a channel like that.
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