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Posted 7/21/08 , edited 7/21/08

This quiz will find out who u are in kaze no stigma. Pls do this test and share ur results with each other.

I was Kazuma

Kazuma was in love with Cui ling/sui ling/tsuo rin (same person different spellings). She died in front of him so he fought to become strong. Now he tries to protect his hot-headed fire mage love. Kazuma is a powerful wind mage and a 'contractor.'
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Posted 7/21/08
I was kazuma also!
Posted 7/21/08 , edited 7/21/08
I was Ayano this is bs lol

Ayano-chan was the only one who could bring Kazuma back to the present. In a sense, she saved him. She is determined to protect herself despite his wanting to always protect her. Ayano is the heir to the Kannagi (fire mages) and a powerful head family member. Her friends say she is at the same mental level as a three year old.
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Posted 7/23/08

Oky i wasn't expecting this at all I guess i am a pest to my friends sometimes

You are Kanon and Tatsuya, depending on your gender.
Kanon and Tatsuya Ren's 'crying shoulder.' They love him, and are always there for him.
Often they fight over him, but they're good people who take care of him!
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Posted 10/22/08 , edited 10/22/08
Ayano Am i too hot headed? I'm not right? That Quiz was a LIE! I'll Kick...never mind...

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