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Posted 7/23/08 , edited 8/15/08

currently have a few items in stock~!
will update soon come back later~!

~Weapon Cards~
Costs: 1 --A.P.M.A 2000 card token
{can be use for five turns only} slices 30 points off opponent's life each turn.
can only be used by dark familars~!

~Magic Cards~
Costs: 1 --A.P.M.A 2000 and 1--A.P.M.A 1000 card token
{can only be used once per battle} allows you to some a magical wolf to assist you in battle~!

Costs: 1 --A.P.M.A 5000 card token
{the effects of this card only lasts for six turns} drains 50 points off an opponents life and adds it to your life each turn~!

~Trap Cards~
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