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Your Favorite Drama somehow has resemblance with Your Life....
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Posted 9/17/08
my life is like the drama LIFE ):
i get bullied everyday at school ;OO

just kidding (:
but if i really was i wouldnt kill myself or anything id just be homeschooled or drop out of school
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Posted 9/17/08

khernilicious wrote:

nobuta wo produce... not the story but the character of kritani shuji...were really have the same character like we always help other people like never say "no" to others and i always obey others, i am very popular because of that that sometimes i dont feel good about it,,, and when i came home im different when it comes to my family,,,

we rily have the same characters thats why i love that story!!!
his my reflexon!!!aww...

*im a girl uh *


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Posted 9/17/08 , edited 9/17/08
Nodame Cantabile, except that I (1) didn't go to a music school and (2) didn't get the guy in the end >_< It reminds me of myself and this other guy, but in terms of personality more than plot.

I am kind of loopy, can get pretty messy (but I do shower on a regular basis!), play the piano and used to be madly in love with a pianist-violinist who wanted to be a conductor XD (seriously)... we went to the same school and had the same major, but it's a normal university. Then I eventually ended up going to school in Paris, but not because of that guy LOL.

He, on the other hand, was a TOTAL Chiaki - tall and skinny, good cook, perfectionist, huge temper, always dressed in a button-down and slacks, and able to play almost any instrument. I never did any of those crazy wifely things Nodame did, though, because the guy had a girlfriend and that would have been creepy to do in real life LOL. I also didn't get slapped around (but I did get yelled at because he's irritable haha).

I don't know if I'd want my life to be exactly like a drama, but they are fun to watch. Especially ones like Hana-Kimi where all sorts of crazy and funny things happen. I never had that much fun at school... I so missed out XD Or Densha Otoko, which shows the power of the Internet (I ALMOST liked the board scenes MORE than the scene between Densha and Hermes...) And after seeing Kimi Wa Petto, who doesn't want a pet Matsujun?
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