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Dendou Daichi Tate (Electric Ground Shield)
Description: Creates barrier of rock that is electrified so taijutsu can not destroy it. It is very strong so its hard to destroy.

Tsuchi Denkou Kusari (Earth Lightning Chain)
Description: I can stomp the ground and a long chain comes up out of earth. I electrify it than can grab my enemy with it. I can pulse more electricity through it so they will calm down and listen. It can also hurt them very badly and if their not a weak ninja it can kill them.

Daichi Dageki (Ground Shock)
Description: I send lightning pulses through the ground and they shoot up at the enemy through it with the rock and hurt them.


Dagekinami Parupu (Shockwave Pulp)
Description: Stomp the ground and the earth shoots out of it and vibrates in a 20 feet radius.

Parusu Parusu Parusu no Jutsu (Pulse Pulse Pulse Art)
Description: Sends electric pulses through the air that are barely big enough to see. They shock you and can temporarily shock you. Then i shove 2 fingers into their stomach that pulse through their body.

Niji Dendou no Jutsu (Rainbow Electric Art)
Description: Sends a blade of lightning in the seven different directions in seven different colors. This is like a rainbow happening.


Seiei Enchou (Picked Dome)
Description: REQUIRES BODY SHOCK!! Jumps in the air and the attachments make the dome.

Earth Dome: I can move the dome around and and turn it into a ball or shoot out the earth than regenerate the earth. This is alot stronger than it seems. Protects from genjutsus and ninjutsus best.
Lightning Dome: With this one it follows me around actually and i can see through it. I can shoot out the bolts of electricity and regenerate them. It protects from taijutsus and dojutsus best.

I can also combine them but it requires more chakra of course.

Daichi Boufuu no Jutsu (Ground Storm Art)
Description: Balls of lightning come up from the ground and a rock dome over them too. The balls go in circles rapidly shocking them. Then they shoot out of the dome of rock and crash on the opponent. The balls will come to my hand and i can use them in close combat or throw them.
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Secret Art Battle Charkra:
Description :when i infuse my feet and hand with chakra to cut and damage body parts

Wind Style: Wave Wind Jutsu
description: its when i create wind current with desvataion effest to the that slices there oppsing person in half

Wind Style: Cutter Twister Jutsu
Description when i creat a tornado of wind to suck you in then throw shurikens and kunai in to damage you or to use my wave wind jutsu

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