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Floors.1-5 ^^
Wall Color:Any
Room Size:Any
Room Style:
Single Rooms:
Style 1:

Style 2:

Style 3:

Style 4:

Style 5:

Style 6:

Single or Share:you could share rooms.or rather have a single by yourself~
Boys and Girls:Boys and Girls will be in different dorm rooms.
Extra Rooms:You may have extra rooms in your room.but they would have to be smaller than your room~[[]]whatever you would like~but if you share make sure you and your room-mate agree to that extra room~and for apartments you could add extra rooms as well.but you don't need any one to agree except for yourself~
Rooms Available For:Magicians and Vampires
Building A-Magician
Building B-Magician
Building C-Magician
Building D-Magician
Building E-Vampire
Building F-Vampire
Building G-Vampire
Building H-Vampire
Apartments:Apartments are for both Magicians and Vampires.They are only for one~you can also choose the wall color,the room size,and the extra rooms~in one section there may be as many apartments~
Apartment Sections:
Section A-Magician
Section B-Magician
Section C-Magician
Section D-Magician
Section E-Magician
Section F-Vampire
Section G-Vampire
Section H-Vampire
Section I-Vampire
Section J-Vampire
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Wall Color: White
Room Size: I don't know
Room Style: Style 1
Single Room

I dont know if I did this right so ya.... hehe~
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