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Post Reply Seven Minutes in Heaven - Edward or Jacob?
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23 / F / Australia
Posted 4/9/09
Edward Cullen
In those 7 minutes I want him to bite me so I get to turn into a vamire!
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27 / F / sweden
Posted 4/14/09 , edited 4/14/09
Edward no doubt!

And what will we do during this time. Well i just have to say: clothes off And that he will bite me
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22 / F / Listning to music!
Posted 6/11/09
Edward!!!! if om lucky he'll bight me hehehehee
Posted 7/11/09
JACOB! i wouldn't say... it wouldnt be a good mental image for all of u...
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22 / F / My happy place -...
Posted 7/11/09 , edited 7/11/09

charli3112 wrote:

OMG!! does that even need asking? lol
well i think i would have to take a blanket with me before i go in
but i might not use it cos i'll be too dazzled and getting all hot and flustered so its gonna be steamy!! wooh, hahaha
7 minutes is a long time *if you know what i mean* hahahahha

but if it was with jake? you'll be tooo hot wouldnt you? lol

Eddy's got some stamina tho. How would you stop???

btw, I would totally have Jacob. Eddy'd be good if you wanted a romantic date, but he's like, to polite for a seven minute make out session.
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