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Genres: action, comedy, fantasy, romance, supernatural
Themes: Bishounen
Age rating: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)
Plot Summary: Niwa Daisuke is your average teenager, until his fourteenth birthday. He tries to declare his love to the girl of his dreams, but fails. Suddenly, whenever he thinks about this girl he turns into the legendary phantom thief known as Dark Mousy. Daisuke's mother, very much aware of this, makes him turn into Dark and steal valuable works of art for a purpose unkown to Daisuke. As the story unfolds, he learns why, and about his classmate who seems to have the same ability.

Episode 1: Dark's Revival


After a weird morning ritual from his mother and grandfather, Daisuke Niwa, who has just turned 14, heads off to school where he plans to hand a love confession letter to the beautiful Risa Harada. But somehow the circumstances turn out for the worse and he ends up considered just a friend. After barely getting through school, he negotiates a series of house traps to get to the living room, and then goes upstairs to think about Risa, but unlike the previous days, Daisuke finds that his feelings have suddenly transformed him into Phantom Thief Dark, a mysterious figure who hasn’t shown up in over 40 years until now. His first mission is to steal a statue of a Sacred Maiden.

Episode 2: Rekindled Feelings


Riku tries to sort out her feelings for Daisuke, while Risa announces she’s going to pursue her new love, Phantom Thief Dark! Daisuke’s next assignment is to steal a brass relief of a bird which had mischievously been causing recent problems in the town.

Episode 3: Unicorn Whispering


A possessed painting is kidnapping girls to fill its loneliness.

Episode 4: Between Light and Darkness


Daisuke dreams that Risa has made wonderful food for him to try.

Episode 5: Double Cooking


With follows Daisuke to school (he hid in Daisuke's book bag) and causes Daisuke to do all sorts of odd things to keep With hidden

Episode 6: St. White Memories


Daisuke saves a girl from being squashed by a piano and manages to come out with nothing but a small scratch on his face.

Episode 7: Adonis in the Garden of Vows


Ayaka Hatori, the popular girl in Daisuke's school, has been dating a new handsome guy, but Dark recognizes the guy as a spirit of an Adonis statue, whom he and Daisuke's father tried to seal some time ago. Dark must find a way to stop Adonis from giving Ayaka the kiss that could suck away her life.

Episode 8: Announcing Letter of Agate


A news report discusses the Agate Links (a beautiful necklace) that had been donated to a museum. Dark had planned to steal it and reporters flocked to get a glimpse of the thief.

Episode 9: A Little Romance


It’s a With-filled episode as the Niwa family pet goes on several errands with Daisuke, discovering yummy strawberries, and falling in love with a rabbit at a pet store. Riku tries to help With meet up with his love, but they discover that the rabbit has been sold! The heartbroken With escapes hoping to find the rabbit. Daisuke and Riku must find him before the storm hits town.

Episode 10: Portrait of a Musician


An acquaintance of Daiki Niwa passes away, and Daiki brings along Daisuke and Risa to the casket viewing. The person was Ehrlich Von Vandembagu, a famous violinist. After the viewing, Daiki is presented with Ehrlich’s violin, but as Daiki goes to sign some papers, Daisuke somehow gets near the violin and is sucked into the past. While Daisuke learns about the curse of the violin and Daiki’s involvement, Daiki sends Dark to the past to try to rescue Daisuke before his soul gets consumed by the violin as well.

Episode 11: The Temple of Neptune


Detective Saehara is determined to catch Dark out at sea on his latest venture to steal the Horn of Neptune. With a full set of guards swimming above and under the water, there’s no way that Dark can sneak in, or so he thinks. Meanwhile, Risa sneaks onto the beachside to look for Dark, and stumbles into some trouble of her own. Although this is just another routine grab for Dark, he ends up walking into a different trap, this time set by Satoshi!

Episode 12: With Rutile


Daisuke receives a surprise visit from his father, who he hasn’t seen since he was a toddler. Kosuke gives Daisuke a replica of the Rutile of Grief, the latest museum artifact that is rumored to enhance the powers of those who possess it. With Satoshi making a return to the school, it won’t be an easy mission for Dark as he goes after the real one.

Episode 13: Eternal Instruction


Risa and Takashi are in an abandoned house and come across a statue titled 'Eternal Target.' Satoshi appears and warns them to run away. He then transforms to Krad and fights with Dark.

Episode 14: New Enemy


A strange 'American' girl arrives at Daisuke's school named Hio Mio.

Episode 15: BBQ Panic


Risa and Riku's car breaks down on the way to their beach villa and they end up at Daisuke's house along with Hio.

Episode 16: There You Are


Riku finds an old toy from her past that her grandmother gave to her.

Episode 17: Summer Without Dark


Daisuke's class gets to go to a beach resort for six days and five nights.

Episode 18: The Two on the Night of Falling Stars


Riku lands on Daisuke after falling.

Episode 19: A Wonderful Heroine


The cultural festival is coming up soon and everyone is preparing for it.

Episode 20: I Want to Meet You


Mio is given one last chance. And Time is slipping by fast from her.

Episode 21: The Frozen Yell


Daisuke comes down with a cold. He ends up being taken over by an unnatural force. Satoshi has doubts about his life.

Episode 22: Ice and Snow


Daisuke, Dark, Riku, and Risa are all inside of Daisuke's painting.

Episode 23: The Second Hand of Time


Daisuke finds out the true story of ICE and SNOW. Dark and Satoshi work to find a way to help Daisuke.

Episode 24: The Snow Falls in Soul


Krad enters the scene, and severely injures Dark. The story of ICE and SNOW is concluded, and Daisuke learns what real love is. Risa and Riku start to learn the truth about Satoshi and Dark.

Episode 25: Black Wings


Everybody seems to be getting ready for Christmas on a strangely sunny day and it doesn't take long for something to happen, however what is about to happen may be even more catastrophic than the events of 40 years ago.

Episode 26: Eternal Dark


Riku finds herself holding Daisuke as he changes to Dark, trying to protect Riku (they fell off after an earthquake).
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