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Post Reply GAME:"What If"
Posted 7/30/08
mawaha id be happy XD jk

what if i knew a playboy bunny? XD
Posted 7/31/08
alot of guys would pretend ta b ur friend ta get ta her

wat if someone here could go to the playboy mansion any time they want and they could bring their friends?
Posted 7/31/08
then i'd go alone HAHAHA
what if you could go to the playgirl mansion (yeah i said playgirl it exsist think about it)
Posted 7/31/08
it does exists, but i won't go there

wat if you were a ghost?
Posted 7/31/08
then i wouldn't be a good one
what if aliens attacked earth and asked you to rule at their side
Posted 7/31/08
*snickers* i would rule with a stong mind!!!!

and of course a strong gun!!!

wat if u could control anybody?
Posted 7/31/08
then people would be token advantage of D:

what if i could read your mind?
Posted 7/31/08
u would no how much people loved you

wat if u were an explorer of space
Posted 7/31/08
then i met lots of aliens
what if people could live on the sun
Posted 7/31/08
then everyone would have a nice tan XD

what if everyone HAD to tell the truth?!
Posted 7/31/08
there would b no court

wat if as a law everyone had 2 b mean?
Posted 7/31/08
then i would kill everyone or myself DX

what if no one ever came up with suicide?
Posted 7/31/08
then deaths would probably drop drastically

wat if no one laughed?
Posted 7/31/08
i wouldnt be able to stand it DX

what if everyone was asexual? XD
Posted 7/31/08 , edited 7/31/08
the human race would b extinct?

wat if you could kill anyone
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