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Is You Have Shugo Chara Eggs,What Power And Transformation Would Urds Be??
Posted 11/10/08
I'd only ever have good and girlie powers, and the cutest of all Shugo Chara eggs ever!
Posted 11/27/08
Me wow I would have to say probably like a dragon cuz who I want to be is I guess like a martial arts sort of cuz I always been intrested in swords, martial arts, and I HATE BEING WEAK I would probably look like like with a tee-shirt, probably red shorts and white n black running shoes and I would also have a sword
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Posted 11/27/08
Mine would be a real fashion trendy girl and her attacks would be she would make clothes real fast and when she put them on the people the would act like watever they were dressed like and when she said listen here they would go yes my master it would be called Crazy Fashion
Posted 12/14/08
haha this question seems intresting. I would probly have two or three, because I have many inner intrests, and most of them would be evil. One would have to do with chemistry, one with computers, and one with music and art.
The chemistry one figures out for itself, the computer one would be like spiderman and shoot retractable mouses instead of web, and the music one.. MIKI AS AN XEGG
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Posted 12/18/08 , edited 12/23/08
I'd have two cloned charas. If I came up with my own,they'd only be ripoffs. My more macho side would be Musashi
and my more feminine side would be Ran. Don't laugh. Nobody laughs when girls wear boys clothes. You've been warned. Right,down to the rest.

I'd transform into Samurai Soul Hyper,which is the same but my version has an additional samurai mask and futuristic gun
and Amulet Heart Hyper,which I probably wouldn't use much because I'd have to wear a skirt.

Finishers:X Egg Striker,where I make a ring of fire then it flies over the X Egg,it gets tighter then the egg goes back to normal.
The Ran one would be the same Open Heart technique.

Kairi's awesome by the way.

Oh,and whenever anything happened I'd act really cool and go "Ran. Musashi. Ikuzo."
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22 / F
Posted 12/18/08 , edited 12/19/08
mine i will have four!

name: Miki-chan
Personality:cofident and outgoing
transformation: shining sword
why: i am REALLY shy and not really conffident in my self...

Personality:dark and rocker warrior
transformation:blast blade
why: ppl see me as not loving metal and hard rock, when i do. and i can't wear black b/c they say i am goth and i am seen as a goody girl and everything perfect but actually completely different......

Personality: aneko, flexible,athlitic
transformation:cat scratch
why: i always love kittens and i am not very athletic or flexible

Personality:drawer,creative,thinker,level headed
tranformation:dream eater
why: i love to draw but i am not that great....
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Posted 12/19/08
Hey I just came up with a great idea! Seasonal transformations!

Like a Christmas chara and an Easter chara!
Posted 12/19/08
lyk this 1 hehe

and this 1

and this 1 aswell

and dat's it lol
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Posted 12/19/08
if me i want the athletic one but clever,pretty,long hair and of course kind...
and i want the name is anabelle
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22 / F / Singapore
Posted 12/23/08
I would like an Amulet Spade transformation ^^
Posted 12/23/08 , edited 12/24/08
mine would be the queen of colors and protects the kind hearted people she is not really my chara she belongs to nobody but was forced out of the chara world and found me so i let her stay with me just like if she was my real chara but i think of her as my chara
oh and her name is miroku
she is clumsy,generous,graceful, and very kind

i can chara nari with her but it is extremely hard to do making my chara nari 1 of the most powerful chara nari s ever

my chara nari-

chara nari name-rainbow guardian
finishers-rainbow sphere(many rainbow crystal come and shot into into the 1 in the middle that shoots a bigger beam at the enemy) element of the sacred ( a ribbon comes and circles her until no part shows of her and turns what color the element is wanted to turn it has a bell at the end that rings and purify s all X-eggs around to hear it

words-red,orange,yellow,green,blue and purple purify those shun by darkness
her egg-

Posted 12/24/08
well... mine would look something like my avi
<<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~ it has something to do with art and outerspace
i just took the name reinforce
personality: just talkative
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22 / F / Sydney
Posted 12/24/08
Mine would have like a black beret with every clothing as black.
Her attitude would be really down-to-earth and really tough.
Mini black denim shorts, black tank toP AND ALL THE COOL STUFF.

Character change would be like really tough.
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23 / F / Philippines
Posted 12/26/08

my chara guardians name is: kurai
our charanari is called: Dark X
ability: is still a secret
Posted 12/26/08
my chara would be super kawaii like me
it could make anything kawaii like food,clothes, more
chara would look like
chara name is Rainie hehe
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