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Post Reply GAME:"Stupid Question,Stupid Answer"
Posted 7/27/08

In order to reach our goal or CR points I'm posting another game (^0^)
In this game some one asks a stupid question and someone has to answer it! Simple, and it will help our group. I have been gone for the past two days and I am proud to coem back and see how many people joined (^-^) We are doing well so let's keep it up!


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24 / F / in your pocket!!...
Posted 7/27/08
ok ill guess ill be the first then umm ok i got it is this a stupid question XD
Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/27/08
Yes it is XD

Why does ghosts always go BOO! in movies?
Why dont they say Halo or TACOS! or RICE or something else?

I'm serious I wanna know.
Posted 7/28/08
Cause it's cliched and yet people love it. Do u want to be scarred of "TACOS?"

Why do they tell kids the moon is made of cheese?
Posted 7/28/08
bcuz it looks like it's has alot of holes, but those r craters

y those the japanese say that there's a rabbit making rice paddies in the moon
Posted 7/28/08
I never heard that O_____o
Why do people snort?
Posted 7/28/08
considering the right person i think it cute

why does wen sumone yawns other people yawn?
Posted 7/29/08
It's contagious XD

Why do people hate talking about farts when everyone does it!? XD
Posted 7/29/08
they either don't want 2 laugh or want 2 b polite

y do u think there r slap fights?
Posted 7/29/08
cuz fist fight are out of style
why do ghost exist
Posted 7/29/08
cuz we want 2 live on

why do people kill?
Posted 7/29/08
cuz peopleare mean
y is bush retarded
Posted 7/29/08
i dont no, but he was chosen twice in a row

y is there evolution or scientology
Posted 7/29/08
Because ppl needed a way to explain things they dont understand

Why are ppl so ignorant?
Posted 7/30/08
cuz it's human nature
why don't boats fly
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