Moderators Applications
Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/28/08
Do u really wanna be a moderator?? If u do please fill out the questions below,thanx!

3)Are you active in CR:
4)If Yes,how many times would you come and visit this group:
5)Which position do you wanna take if you become a moderator(you can choose more than one,if you can handle it that is ):
a) Graphic mod (Mostly making membership cards,banners for the group and maybe groups avater)
b) Idea mod (thinking of cool ideas for the group)
c) Ranking mod (counting the points of the accomplishments of the members)
6) If you chose 'a' what are you good at making
7)If you chose 'a',post some samples of ur works (put your works in spoilers):
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