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22 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 7/29/08

really? hahah i made hair messy because of my char..

u know.. pulling hair thingy wahahaha
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22 / F / Indonesia
Posted 7/29/08
yuto is the one who decided wht to eat~
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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 7/29/08
lol..demo..deenchan..did you give me a character??
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117 / F / :]
Posted 7/29/08
and Keito designs clothes?? how cute!!
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22 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 7/29/08
yeah... didnt u saw it?
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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 7/29/08
hai..demo i'm a bad girl..T.T..demo at least i'm in ur fanfict!! kyaaa!!
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F / United states. yay.
Posted 7/29/08
Wahhh. i so late at replying!
Your drawing IS SUPERRR KAWAII!!
Thanks for letting me have part. ^_______^
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22 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 8/1/08
----CHAPTER 2----

Opening theme: A day in our life by Arashi

[ School Bell Rings ]

Chisato: ah ja minna! Were gonna be late for our classes!

Charu: yeah! its a good thing were all classmates!

Reiku: ja! lets go?....... chan?

Maki: [spaced out] i wonder who's that boy?

Reiku: oi maki chan? daijoubu?

Maki: ah!! gomen!! hehehe

Charu: aha! i think ur thinking of that boy ne?

Maki: ha.. aa... no!

Chisato: ne... charu chan.. maki chan cant easily fell... beside u know her ne?

Charu: ah.. hehehe sorry! hahaha!

Maki: ja lets go..

[at the class A]

Teacher: ohayo minna-san... from ow on i am your teacher. my name is Yokoyama Yu. Yoroshiku. Ja lets start now from introducing your selves. Lets start from you...

[ points to chisato ]

Chisato: ah.. *stands up* Hajimemashite! Hagiwara Chisato desu! yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

Maki: Shirota Maki desu... Yoroshiku!~

Yuto: *whispers* ah.. thats the girl i bumped before.!

Charu: Nakashima Charu desu! yoroshiku onegai shimasu..

Reiku: Minami Reiku...yoroshiku.

Jessee: Hi my name is Yamajima Jessee! nice to meet you!

Miki: Hamazaki Miki. Yoroshiku...

Neku: Satoshi Neku desu! YOROSHIKU ONEGAI SHIMASU! *shouts*

Students: hehehehe.... whats that?

Yuuki: Yuuki Nakajima desu! yoroshiku...

Yumi: Hamazaki Yuuki desu!! Nice to meet you!

Airi: Yamazaki Airi desu Nice to meet you!

Kaeri: Suzuki Kaeri Desu! yoroshiku!

Kaori: Mizami Kaori Desu!!

Megumi: Takizawa Megumi.. please to meet you!

Daiki: im arioka daiki. beware of me... thats all...

Hikaru: daiki kun... im Yaotome Hikaru desu... Call me Hikaru! yoroshiku! Ah! Im friendly don’t worry!

Ryosuke: Yamada Ryosuke desu... nice to meet you!

Jin: Akanishi Jin desu... Just like Daiki, Beware of me...

Keito: Okamoto Keito Desu! yoro...shi..ku!

Yuto: Nakajima Yuto Desu! Dont be afraid of me like them! im friendly *smiles sweetly*

Reiku: ne maki chan... isn't that the boy u bumped before?

Maki: ma...

Yuuri: Chinen Yuuri desu! like yuto kun! im friendly heheh!

Junnosuke: hagiwara Junnosuke desu...

Jun: Matsumoto Jun desu!

Kazuya: kamenashi kazuya...

Kazunari: Ninomiya Kazunari desu....

Tomohisa: Yamashita Tomohisa desu.. Yoroshiku!


Yokoyama-sensei: Ja thats all for the introduction... you may do anything you want in this day...but just stay here in the room with your friends...

Students: Hai!

Daiki: haizztt! im bored...

Hikaru: ja.. wanna play?

Daiki: what am i a kid?

Hikaru: haha baka! play cards!

Ryosuke: nani nani nani nani? what am i hearing???

Jin: The emperor has come back! mwahahaha!!

Yuto: he's showing himself again...

Keito: just ignore him...

Yuuri: ja... lets play?

Hikaru: un!...

Junnosuke: ne mina ur gonna perform again in the orientation?

Daiki: ma...

Junnosuke: ja! gambatte ne?

Yuto: un!

[ daiki's group is playing cards ]

Tomohisa: ne minna wanna do something?

Jun: sure sure sure!!! whats that??

Kazuya: just go read a book.. ne kazunari?

Kazunari: ma...

Jun: whats up with you two!

Tomohisa: still the same...


Chisato: ne minna.... what do you think about this class??

Charu: ma... CUTE BOYS!!

Reiku: eeeh!!

Maki: ma.. thats charu chan ne? demo... that" boy is some kind of cute....

Reiku: chotto.... THAT" boy? who's that?

Maki: ah... betsuni... <nothing>

Chisato: eeehh?? is maki chan starting to have a crush?

Maki: eeh? no!! its not!

Charu: kya! heheheh!!

Jessee: anou... can we 3 join?

Miki: were transferries here...

Chisato: ah sure!

Neku: thanks!

Charu: do you guys sing?

Jessee: yeah....

Reiku: good! co'z we have a group here! hehehe! join us!

Miki: honto?

Neku: yay! were gonna sing again miki chan, jessee chan!

Jessee: yeah!! great ne?


Kaori: Ne Kaeri Lets make a New Song!

Kaeri: Ask Megumi! Im the Choreographer of the dance DUH~

Kaori: megumi Make a new Song…

Megumi: Don’t Ask me! Ask yuuki!! Im the Designer of Costumes DUH~

Kaori: ARG! Yuuki! Make a new song!

Yuuki: DON’T ASK ME! Ask Yumi! Im Your Partner DUH~


Yumi: Ask…

Kaori: arrg!

Yumi: hahaha!! Jusk Kiddin’!! ok ok ok…


Yokoyama-sensei: ano minna.. its break time now.. you may go…

Daiki: YOSH!!!


[at the garden] (most of them eats at the garden specially with obentos)

Chisato: kya~ its really good to breath here!!

Charu: yeaaaah!~~ I miss this place!!

Reiku: Me too!!

Jessee: so this is your place?

Chisato: ma… hehehe

Neku: kya! This is soo cute! This garden! I love this place!

Miki: hehehe Neku is a very playful girl!

Maki: Ne minna!! I bought foods!!

Charu: kya!!! I cant wait to taste maki chan’s food!!

Reiku: yeah me too!!

Maki: Tada~!

[the lunch box is full of prawns, onigiri, vegetables.. etc!!]

Jessee: kya!~ sugoi!

Miki: you made all of this??

Maki: ah hai!

Neku: sogoi!! Itadakimasu!!

[all of them are eating… when suddenly a guy approach them]

Yuto: ano… Maki chan…

Maki: ah..Hai!?

Yuto: can.. I…

Maki: Hai?

Yuto: can I… taste the food that you made?

Maki: ehh?

Yuto: ano… remember when I bumped you this morning? I told you that your obento is great ne?

Maki: ah.. yes…

Yuto: can I taste it?

Maki: sure! Here! For you! * gives yuto the excess obento * they are already full so you can have this!

Yuto: eeh??? Really? Honto?? Thank you maki chan!! * hugs maki *

Maki: Ah!

Yuto: ah sorry! I was… carried away… with the food… gomen!! *bows*

Maki: ah! Its ok! Betsuni… *blushes*

Yuto: Ja… Itadakimasu!

Maki: how is… it?

Yuto: ichs… sho.. delichoush!!! Umai!!! I love it!!

Maki: really???

Yuto: yeah!!! Its soooo delicious!!!

Maki: ehh.. yokata! Here water! Heheheh

Yuto: ah! Hehehe thanks!

Maki: did you really like the food?

Yuto: yeah! You’re great at making foods!

Maki: ma… hehehe

Yuto: aah! I forgot to introduce my self to you! My name is Nakajima Yuto! You can call me yuto! Eheheh

Maki: ah! My name is Shirota Maki.. you can also call me…

Yuto: Maki chan!

Maki: ah hai…

Yuto: ja maki chan! See you again ne?

Maki: ah hai!!

Hikaru: Yuto! Your just here! What are you doing?

Yuto: ah….

Hikaru: your eating again!

Yuto: eh…he..he…

Hikaru: ah! Hello! Im hikaru! Your charu chan ne?

Charu: ah! Hai…

Hikaru: ah! Nice to meet you!

Charu: eh.. ah nice to meet you to!

Hikaru: * shakes hand with charu * ja!

Charu: ja… * blushes *

Hikaru: ja minna! Im taking yuto ne? gomen for this boy!

Yuto: Ah see yah Maki chan!

Maki: ah! See yah!

Chisato: oi oi oi…. Look at these two…

Reiku: hmm…

Neku: They’re in love!!

Maki & Charu: EHHH!!!!

Maki: no! im not!! Im not!

Reiku: hmm…

Charu: im not in love with that… that… boy!

Chisato: hmmm…..

Neku: ah! Look! There’s a swing! Kya~ * runned to the swings * minna come on!

Miki: hai hai hai…

[ neku bumped to a guy ]

Neku: itai…

Junnosuke: are you ok?

Neku: * stares at junnosuke * ah..

Junnosuke: you ok?

Neku: ha…hai…

Junnosuke: * lended a hand * come on... let me help you...

Neku: tha…thanks!

Chisato: ah oniichan…

Neku: Oniichan?

Junnosuke: im her brother!

All: eeh!!

Charu: yep its her brother!

Daiki: oi come on don’t waste your time talking to them…

Chisato: What??

Daiki: nande? Got a problem?

Chisato: whats up with those acts… >.>

Daiki: nani!!

Chisato: what? Got a problem?

Jin: oi yamero! Oi chisa chan… better stay away…

Reiku: ano sa… we didn’t do anything wrong ok? Were just talking then that boy….

Jin: didn’t I told you to stay away?

Reiku: what did you said?

Jin: are you deaf?

Reiku: Nani!!

Maki: ah gomen… Reiku chan.. don’t show ur self here *whispered *

Neku: sorry! Im the one who started this… if I hadn’t bumped to chisato chan’s oniichan.. gomen ne ok?

Yuto: don’t worry.. we can handle this guys! Ne chinen? Hikaru?

Hikaru: ma… hehehe

Chinen: some how…

Keito: come on…

Ryosuke & Jessee: can believe were wasting our time just for this nonsense.

[ they were shocked then looked at each others faces…]

Miki: whoa…

Jessee: ne minna come one…

Neku: ano.. thanks for helping me!

Junnosuke: ah! Betsuni!

[ at the swings ]

Chisato: grr… that boy irritates me!!

Reiku: yeah!!! Me too!!

Jessee: cant believe what they did!

Neku, Charu, Miki & Maki: Haiiiizzzzz * melting *

Chisato: na.. nani?? Whats up with these three?

Neku, Charu, Miki & Maki: I think im in love…..

Reiku, Chisato & Jessee: EHH!!! WHAT??

Closing : YOUR SEED by Hey! Say! Jump

----- END OF CHAPTER 2 ------

---- whoa… close fight? Hahaha ----

---- who are they in love to? ----

---- up next… -----

---- their first battle will be decided who are they going to battle to ----
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Posted 8/1/08
^__^ kawaii srry i only read it now lol really good I got emotional at the beginning Reminds me of things lol

Chapter 2
haha I loved this part!

Yuto: can I… taste the food that you made?
Maki: ehh?

Kawaaaaaii ^__^! mooore lol
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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 8/1/08
kyaaa...great i love it!! me want more!!
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22 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 8/1/08
hahaha!! honto ni?

kya~ its not!

hehehe!! chachan vann chan geh chan and the others havent online yet!
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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 8/1/08 is a good fanfict deenchan..i enjoy reading it!
hmm..when do you think they will be on?
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24 / F / zendonesien
Posted 8/1/08
UWAAAA! yabaiii! i'm in love with Junno! yabaii! check it out! mwahhahaha
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23 / F / earth
Posted 8/1/08
waaa! it's cuuuute! haha! next part! i wanna know who'll be their partners! kya~!~!~
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22 / F / Indonesia
Posted 8/2/08
yuto only came for food~
lucky van-chan~
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