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Posted 7/28/08
so there is something new again... our chara-store.
here you can buy a chara to take part in the stories... only the creator and the mods have permission to post here charas.... all other members can buy them^^ buuut we won't give you them for nothing.... if you want a chara you have first: to be fast and 2nd: to write a poem about the chara you want. the poem has to be minimum 8 lines long.... if you do that, you can have the chara and it will be posted on the approved chara-list with your name.
Story Writer.
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27 / F / Basel, Switzerland
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
ok: here the first chara to sell! it's a difficult one^^ but perhaps someone want it.

name: Seth (isn’t his real name probable…)

race: werewolf

sex: male

mind: neutral… but is more and more turning bad

age: 18

eyes: almost black

hair: brown, fuzzy

skin: pale

clothes: brown leather clothing

other details about the looking: he wears a silver earring on the top of his ear. He has a scar (3 scratches… looks like caused by a wolf) it’s the proof of his being as a werewolf.

Special abilities: he just became a werewolf… so his abilities have to improve… so for now he knows nothing about them

What does the chara like? He doesn’t really know things about himself….

Bad and not really good parts of him: he is clumsy… and believes everything

Bad abilities: actually he used to be a good boy….. but he is getting bad without knowing it’s the wrong way. One of his bad abilities is actually being a werewolf…. But his real bad parts will show…

What’s his work ? he doesn’t work… he is wild^^… for now

Is he poor or rich? poor

About his family: He can’t remember anything… he doesn’t know he had a family once…

His future plannings? To remember who exactly he is….

About the chara: Seth lost his mind… actually a bad magician removed it to use him. This magician showed him a secret path deep in the mountains… he tough him a phrase in a unknown language and sent him into the darkness of the mountain. Seth walked for hours into the depths until he couldn’t see anything anymore. Then he spoke the phrase the magician tough him… it was a pact with the devil. So Seth turned into a werewolf… and for payment for the devil he has to die every night of the full moon. And when the first sunlight in the next morning touches his skin, he will rebourne(not again as a baby of course). So that’s the pact….
Seth only turns into a werewolf if he gets angry… he can’t control his powers yet. Dark power is living deep in his heart.
Now Seth lives in the nature… alone… and he doesn’t know who he is…

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