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Afterlife is pointless
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Posted 2/26/10 , edited 2/26/10

CecilTheDarkKnight_234 wrote:

sometimes I am not really sure myself to be honest with you, I was raised in a strong Christian family to believe this way and some times those beliefs are hard to let go. A lot of my political beliefs clash with my religious beliefs so some-times it is hard to tell I am sorry.

Christianity is a mystic religion--it only applies on an individual basis.

Think about that story where Jesus Christ was questioned about taxes. He was hounded and hounded for an answer, and finally ventured to tersely respond, “Caesar’s face is on the coin, isn’t it?”

While the Jews were screaming for a leader to unite them against the Romans, Jesus obliviously brought divine revelation. He never addressed the political questions. He never made mention of how a government should lead its people, or what values a society should hold. Instead, he addressed his messages to individuals. He provided us with a structure philosophy upon which to base our own, personal lives. It was never meant to be an institution of collective action, never meant to be employed for political purposes. It never even addressed political purposes.

I can say that I think murder is unacceptable morally but that capital punishment are justifiable politically without contradicting myself in the least. The old testament of the bible does this type of thing constantly. Think about how the mitzvahs seem to contradict the commandments. The commandments, addressing moral code, says not to kill. The mitzvah, addressing how to govern a functioning society with a structured legal code, say to kill somebody who has killed.

We have no recorded evidence that Jesus Christ ever addressed the political aspects of what we should do as a society. He only discussed how we should behave as an individual. Having a political value of lying does not contradict a moral value of honesty. What’s politically correct and morally right do not have to coincide. They’re two separate, unrelated spectrums.

At least that's my interpretation of the biblical message based on what I’ve read, what I’ve studied, and what I intuitively feel has been divinely impressed upon me.
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Posted 3/2/10
The afterlife is pointless... but law and order are peferred (in concern to our basic need of self-preservation).

Guilting people into order therefore is a good tactic in self-preservation.

But it's common to wonder about afterlife and it's common to believe in death there is a new beginning. As cycles are prevelant in our world. Like the seasons, the tides etc.
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Posted 3/4/10

Darkphoenix3450 wrote:

g31025 wrote:

^ Exactly my thoughts.

If theres no afterlife, then whatever we're doing now is worthless.

That is stupid.. If this is your only life, than you would wanna live it to the fullest. So you have no regrets, after all this is your only life so make it something to be proud of.

Well then. I dont suppose you would want to waste your time by replying to this then?

Go live life to the fullest. Have a great one.
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