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Post Reply GAME:"What food are you?"
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
Ok this is easy~

What food describes you?
Based on what people tell me I'm a piece of candy!


What are you?


Posted 7/28/08
shark sushi! i was born 2 live in the wata and i love fish!!!
Posted 7/28/08
lemon i'm bittersweet
Posted 7/28/08
I like being candy better >3>
Posted 7/28/08
i like being a shark also!!!!
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Posted 8/1/08
black pepper.. XD
Posted 8/2/08
nice having a dark side and has a kick nice bro
Posted 8/12/08
i m lychee! yum~ b/c im sweet!!!! isnt it delicious?? *chomp* they mak a lot of productz w/ these
Posted 8/12/08
you look good ~takes a bite~
ur great lol
Posted 8/12/08
thank u! lol 2 bad ur lemon, ur sour.....but i do lik sour candy! xxx***peace sign***xxx
Posted 8/13/08
Posted 8/14/08

chelseabratz01 wrote:


aren't bentos technically a japanese lunchbox?
Posted 8/15/08
yep! but i aint jap......=l
Posted 8/23/08
i really don't no wat 2 do
Posted 8/23/08
soo bored
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