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Photoshoot overflow stories presented by Johnny's All Cast (Part 1)
This summer, SUMMARY will start! Even though JUMP will be busier and busier from now on, they were full of energy during the photoshoot. We'll introduce that atmosphere~.

HEY!SAY!JUMP The ways they're spending the lo~ng waiting time vary. Here are the members who can't sit still.

*edited on 31st July,2008 i found the bigger picture*

This month, they've been separated into 3·3·4 photoshoots. We'll introduce each group's photoshoot's atmosphere. First of all is the Yabu & Yuto & Ryutaro team. When they go to the white background for the shoot, Yabu suddenly makes a batting pose while holding the tube. It's a combination where Ryutaro is throwing the ball to that figure and Yuto catches that ball (1). The trio is enjoying air baseball. Then, to show off the trio's closeness,「take a photo~」(2), says Yabu. With those three, when the shoot has started, Morimoto, who has become the target since last month's issue (3), is being teased from the start to the end of te photoshoot, saying 「Stop it already~」 whenever they mess with him. Next is Takaki & Chinen & Dai-chan & Keito. Takaki & Dai-chan start to experiment to see how long Chinen can go without bursting into laughter. They're blowing into his ear and stroking his chin, but somehow Chinen seems happy (4). That Chinen makes two weird faces after each other (5, 6). The only one who feels like being photographed is Dai-chan!? (7). As for the Hikaru & Inoo-chan & Yamada team, Yamada, who's interested in the camera, takes on the challenge of photographing the pair (8). The pair obediently complies with instructions like 「Come closer~」 from cameraman Yamada. Then, when the photoshoot starts, Yamada messes with Inoo-chan. 「I'm getting upset, so stop it~」says Inoo-chan, who is starting to get angry (9). His smile when he hears the noise of the camera shutter (10). As expected from an idol (*laugh*). Because there are 10 other members, the lo~ng waiting time is unavoidable. Here we have Hikaru and Inoo-chan who were engrossed with the computer (11). When Yuto turns the camera to them, they spontaneously pose. With Hikaru being in the middle of make-up, Inoo-chan is left without someone to talk to. He moves to the white background, this time the staff is someone to talk to (11). But, when he sees Hikaru, who is done with make-up, they return to their friendly chatting (13). 「I want to take a picture~」says Keito, taking Chinen's picture (14). Beside the sleeping Dai-chan (15), Ryutaro is engrossed in a comedy DVD (16). While Yamada is waiting for make-up as he carefully reads Winkup (17), Yuto and Keito check how they look (16), the ways they're spending their time really do vary. Then, ~7 goes wild with the caster chair Ryutaro found in the studio. First of all Yuto says 「I'll push Morimocchan~」(19) and even though he started to push him, he immediately loses interest in it and passes the baton to Chinen. But, he can't push it like Yuto, and because the seat is just a thin pipe, as time goes by, Ryutaro's butt starts to hurt (20). 21 is Yamada who is saying「Someone push me~」pesters Ryutaro into pushing him (22). 23 is a weird face while exactly fitting the chair. During the photoshoot, Inoo-chan passionately talks about his fascination with the drama 『Last Friends』(24). Last is Chinen and Yabu's attempt at a love-filled photo (25).

all Credits goes to joey4110

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I want a bigger one!!
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Komenasai i will try my best to find a bigger one
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wahahah~~ thanks for this!! if if they are so funny ne?!
kawaii!! hahahahahahahah...

ahmm.. so inoo like "LAST FRIENDS"?
oh abt. the last pic.
yabu and chinen.. what are you doing??
TT^TT hahhahahah!!
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i think they are showing how much they love each other by hugging each other
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