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Post Reply Who thinks Yuuki is forceing herself to love Kaname?
Posted 3/26/14
I think so too! She loves Zero and should just Kaname!
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24 / M / This Dying World
Posted 6/21/15

The High Heavens

A plane no mere mortal will ever reach, The High Heavens. Here sits the guardians of the multiverse chosen from all over the multiverse, each iteration of the previous guardian's psionic waves flows to the next and remain as guardians until their death; watchful protectors. As the multiverse circles around VX Canis Majoris the life star of the entire multiverse... A lone guardian peers at the different planes. A darkness is creeping...

"Brothers the denizens have armed for war yet again. A thousand year of peace will be gone if it is to rise."

"Are you certain of this lorreen?"

lorreen: "Yes, hayate_sensei_853. I am positive. My kotoris (birds) spotted the uprising of an army in Windenmere and Debanham. If war breaks out the denizens will suffer the consequences."

"The denizens are foolish, let them kill each other over minerals."

hayate_sensei_853: "How can you suggest such a thing?! We are meant to guide the denizens, LokiLB."

LokiLB: "Yes... and death is a part of guidance. I only speak with truth."

"Is that why you choose sides in the last great war and wiped out the Hideauze and their leader Ika Musume?"

LokiLB: "Shut up, cay032692! My predecessor left me with one rule and one rule only. No hentai! I refuse to let any creature who have can tentacle themselves. They are an abomination!"

The guardians seemed to have strayed in their council on the war which will occur if no action is taken. lorreen the moderator of the guardians suggested something of interest.

lorreen: "There was a boy who fell from the sky not too long ago; he could be the one in the prophecy..."

hayate_sensei_853: "You mean the chosen one who will drive back the dark side..."

cay032692: "and to bring peace and prosperity to the multiverse..."

LokiLB: "to create a new world and beyond."

lorreen: "Then we shall train him if he is the chosen one. You have been silent this whole time, GoldTStar. Is something amiss?"

GoldTStar: "No, nothing to be concerned about."

Of course at this time GoldTStar was concerned about a recent darkness that is looming over the multiverse. He who is the guardian of the eastern multiverse had noticed strange creatures lurking about. Unlike what he has seen before he remains and seeks to seeks to investigate this himself...

Later, as the council has adjourned, GoldTStar prepares himself for his descent to the planes of Meija to investigate what appeared to be a source of a strange darkness...

As the council was adjourned, GoldTStar took it upon himself to descend from the high heavens. He stepped up to a platform near the council chambers where he chanted a spell a gold portal formed in front. As he stepped through the portal he appears in the plains Debanham.


As GoldTStar turns around he notices a Chocobo with a rider sprinting towards him at full speed. The guardian was startled, he emitted a psionic pulse from his fists at the Chocobo and rider. As the wave was released the rider reacted with a force tantamount. Who could produce psionic waves as powerful as a guardian of the multiverse? There was no time to think about such things for the rider had leapt off his Chocobo toward GoldTStar.

The two exchanged a clash of fists, shock waves could be felt leagues away, and at that moment, GoldTStar was face to face with our hero.

GoldTStar: "You fight well..."

Nobodyofimportance: "You as well..."

As the two warriors exchange a line of words they understood they were not enemies. Over the distance a shout was heard, it was remassie and her company.

remassie: "Hey are you alright, we felt a strong psion wave."

When the company closed the gap they were astonished, dismounted off their chocobos and bowed as they saw GoldTStar.

remassie: "We are honored by your presence, Guardian of the East."

As always during this time the only one to remain erect was Nobodyofimportance, not a care in the world for hierarchy nor rank. Perhaps this is what set the timeline into motion for the proposal GoldTStar offered shocked remassie, QTAC, Indra2007.

GoldTStar: "I am on my way to Debanham. I will accompany you."
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