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Chinese Actress; Fan BingBing
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Posted 12/10/08 , edited 12/10/08
I haven't seen her dramas but I watched Contract Lover with her and Richie Ren and they have no chemistry at all, and she didn't even act that well in it. But I watched Apple (Lost in Beijing) and she was good in that.

And she acted good in Twins Effect 2
Posted 12/11/08
i like her!!

i watch one of her movie! called "contract lover"

so funny!
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Posted 12/16/10

Fan Bingbing: no need to marry into success

Two actresses known for being independent and fierce were the subject of public scrutiny lately - Zhang Yuqi, only months before the former girlfriend of Chinese millionaire Wang Xiaofei, and Barbie Hsu, the current wife of Wang Xiaofei. The quick nuptials raised questions amongst the public. Natural recipients of these questions were other actresses known for being fierce and assertive, including Fan Bingbing, who gave a “gelivable” response that won her the title of “Master Fan (范爷)”

FBB: I’ve never considered marrying into success (豪门). I am already successful. If anyone wants to marry a well-established spouse, they can come and marry me. (我就是豪门, 谁愿意就来嫁吧!)

Posted 12/17/10 , edited 12/18/10
shes reeaaally pretty! she looks kinda like barbie shu

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Posted 4/5/11
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Posted 5/27/12
Fan Bing Bing has had A LOT of plastic surgery.

Here is Li Bing Bing, who is 40 years old (10 years older than Fan Bing Bing) and is a gorgeous all natural.

Li Bing Bing > Fan Bing Bing

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Posted 5/27/12
if i didn't know that she was chinese i would mistaken her as a korean..yeah she's a beauty
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