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Posted 2/17/09 , edited 2/18/09
I-Ienai Kotoba (Anime Song)
N-Naraku no Hana (Anime Song)

K-Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! (Anime Song)
A-Asuna Kagurazaka
G-Gakuean Heaven
E-Egao Happy Peace (Anime Song)
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26 / F / Wherever I Happen...
Posted 2/18/09 , edited 2/19/09
X- xxxHolic (manga)
0- 0x0 Memories (manga)
S- Skip Beat (manga&&anime)
I- Imadoki (manga)
L- La Corda D'Oro (anime)
L- Lovely Complex (manga)
Y- You're My Girlfriend (manga)
0- other zero starting stuff I know...=\
X- xxxLesson (manga)
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24 / F / my world class MU...
Posted 3/7/09 , edited 3/8/09
M - My Chemical Romance (band)
U - Underdog (movie)
D - D. Gray-Man (anime)

P - Paramore (band)
I - Inuyasha (anime)
E - Eyeshield 21 (anime)
S - Shakugan no Shana (anime)

Y - Yui Horie (singer)
U - Uverworld (band)
M - Maplestory (game)
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24 / F / inside the nostal...
Posted 3/8/09 , edited 3/8/09
this will be hard...

A - Air Gear (manga)
D - DNAngel (anime)
E - Elfen Lied (anime <3)
V - Vampire Knight (anime)
I - Invader Zim (uhmm... cartoon?)
L - Lifehouse (band)
I - Inuyasha (anime)
S - School Rumble (anime)
H - Hana Yori Dango (manga)
A - Avatar (cartoon :D)
N - Naruto (anime :D)
G - Glass Mask (manga)
E - Eyeshield21 (manga)
L - Love-ru (anime)

this was surprisingly fun!
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22 / F / Seiso Academy xD
Posted 3/13/09 , edited 3/13/09
A= air gear [anime]
N= nodame cantabile [anime & manga]
I= inuyasha [anime]
M= magician of the silver sky [detective conan 8th movie]
E= eternity memories of lightwaves [ED FF VII]
N= naruto [anime & manga]
A= ayodance [game]
D= d. gray-man [anime & manga]
E= empire earth [game]
S= soul eater [anime]
H= hamtaro [anime]
I= ikimono gakari [band]
K= kazuki takahashi [creator of anime & manga yugioh]
O= origa [singer from russia, sung "inner universe" for GITS SAC opening]

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25 / F
Posted 4/12/09 , edited 4/13/09

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Posted 9/3/09 , edited 9/4/09
C andle 'Sick and Tired' [SONG]
H inder [BAND]
0 X
C hange [SONG]
0 X
L ove Story [SONG]
A ll Around Me [SONG]
T onight [SONG]
E veryday [SONG]
B leach [ANIME]
A eropastle [STORE]
B ring it On-All or Nothing [SHOW]
I f I Fall [SONG]
I n the End [SONG]
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F / Stuck between sle...
Posted 9/4/09 , edited 9/5/09
F - Forward Motion (song by Relient K)
L - Lydia (band)
E - Emery (band)
E - Eat, Sleep, Repeat (song by Copeland)
T - Thrice (band)
I - Ivoryline (band)
N - Noein (anime)
G - Glass To The Arson (song by Anberlin)
T - Trial Kennedy (band)
H - Have Fun Storming The Castle (song by Bayside)
O - Oh Kamikaze (song by Something For Kate)
U - Underoath (band)
G - Gravedigging (song by The Classic Crime)
H - How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (movie)
T - Take Us To Your Leader (song by Paul Dempsey)
S - Serenity (movie)
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F / In an Ideal World...
Posted 9/4/09 , edited 9/5/09
B - Batman Begins
L - Lord of the Rings
A - Abracadavers ~ The Classic Crime
C - Chaser's War on Everything
K - Kuroshitsuji
M - Must Have Done Something Right ~ Relient K
A - Aladdin
G - Gives You Hell ~ All-American Rejects
I - I Hate Everything About You ~ Three Days Grace
C - Code Geass
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F / w/ TOP.
Posted 9/6/09 , edited 9/6/09
C- Code geass
U- Under the sea
R- Reborn!
I- Into the blue
O- Ouran High School Host Club
S- Shugo Chara
E- Ef
R- Rain
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26 / M
Posted 12/24/09 , edited 12/24/09
H-Higurashi no naku koro ni/kai!
A-Air gear!
O-One piece
S-Slam dunk!
1-1/2 Prince
0-07 Ghost
2-Futatsu no spica!
4-(er cant find any anime/manga with 4 haha)
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F / Crunchyroll
Posted 7/4/11 , edited 7/5/11
r - rurouni kenshin (anime
a - akira (anime)
b - beyonce (singer)
b - berserk (anime)
i - interview with the vampire (movie)
t - tyra banks (celebrity)
n - natalie portman (actress)
o - one republic (band)
o - onimusha (video game)
d - death note (anime)
l - lie to me (show)
e - enter the matrix (video game)
s - sing it back (song)
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20 / F / Somewhere in a po...
Posted 7/29/11 , edited 7/29/11
G-Gakuen Alice (manga and anime)
A-Ao no exorcist (anime)
F-Fairy Tail (manga)
O-Orange Yane no chiisana ie (manga)
O-Overly Sentimental (manga)
G-GOSICK (manga)
L-Land of the blindfolded (manga)
E-Eyeshield 21(manga)
S-Saiunkoku no Monogatari (manga and anime)
H-Hana Kimi! (manga and dram)
A-Ayashi no Ceres (anime)
N-Natsume Yuujinchou (manga and anime)
K-Kurage Hime~ (manga)
E-Elfen Lied (manga)
R-Rozen Maiden (manga and anime)
Z-Zombie Loan (anime
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24 / @England
Posted 8/21/11 , edited 8/22/11

D - Devil Beside You (Drama)
r - Raki (Anime character from Claymore)
a - All of the lights (Song)
i - Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku (Anime)
K - Klaxons (Band)
o - Over the Hedge (Movie)
f - Final Fantasy (Game)
i - Ichigo (Anime Char..)
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27 / F / Bergen. Norway
Posted 8/29/11 , edited 8/29/11
H- Hi my sweetheart (drama)
A - Air (anime)
R - Rain Bi ( Artist)
U - Ushio Okazaki
I - I o n ( manga)
K- Koizora ( Movie)
A - A Millionaire's First Love
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