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Worst manga you've ever read?
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24 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 9/24/12 , edited 9/25/12
I haven't read a lot of manga, but out of the ones that I have read, Usagi Drop (Bunny Drop) is probably my least favourite... I watched the anime first and thought it was really cute, and I heard that the manga continued further, so I decided to read onwards, and now I regret it.
Posted 9/24/12
Master Masturbation Kurosawa and The Frog Prince (seriously wtf) are the winners of the worst manga award.

Honorable mentions: Smut, most yaoi, some yuri titles, Hot Gimmick, Naruto, Wolf Guy, Nana, Absolute Boyfriend, Q-ko Chan, Witch Hunter, everything from Kkonnim, and American "manga".
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Posted 9/24/12
I'm really good at figuring out the ending of a novel within the first five chapters. I usually end up reading it just to see if I am right. I started reading manga as a challenge to myself because the story lines are not nearly as clear and easy to figure out as a most novels I've read. With this in mind, the "worst" manga I've read is Sakura Hime. It is predictable and the art work looks like every other story Arina Tanemura has put out. I'm sure there a far worse manga out there, but that is my least favorite in my collection.
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Posted 9/25/12 , edited 9/25/12

StormyClouds wrote:

Master Masturbation Kurosawa

Wow, really? Have you read through the end? This is one of the best mangas ever. I'm not being sarcastic here, this manga is freaking amazing.

Chekchis wrote:

If the what the hell means dafuq is this manga I just found it: "Master Masturbation Kurosawa"
So if you're curious enjoy traumatizing yourself °°

Please stop spreading the hate on a manga you don't know a thing about. Don't put off potential readers for this masterpiece.
Posted 9/27/12
What about This?
Posted 9/27/12
The Wallflower otherwise known as Perfect Girl Evolution.
Don't get me wrong, the idea isn't horrible and the drama based off of the Manga is very popular (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge/ヤマトナデシコ七変化) and personally I didn't find the drama adaptation all that bad.
The Manga was horrendous though. It dragged on and on, even by the 100th chapter I felt like I had just re-read the first chapter 100 times over. There was no progress and if there was by the next chapter the plot would be back to square 1.
I never finished it.
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