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Japanese Personality Test..try it (open to all)
Posted 8/23/08
Well first off (know this is not how I'm meant to look at but) I'd eat the:
A Cow - Basic Needs
Then the
Lion - Pride
Would try and eat me so thats gotta go. The
Monkey - Your Children
would get sick of me (I'm rubbish company on journeys) and run away. The monkey would probably take my cute
Sheep - Friendship T-T
My horse well by now I've had enough and that thing not going anywhere (coz I need it to carry me home).
Horse - Your Passion
So yep; my Passion is all that I have left!! X3
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Posted 8/24/08

supermalv wrote:

homa21 wrote:

You are in the desert. You are traveling with 5 animals:

A Lion
A Monkey
A Sheep
A Cow and
A Horse

It is a long way more to the safety of civilization, and one by one, you are forced to release each animal, until you are left with only one. In what order would you get rid of each animal from your possession?


The desert represents hardship. Each animal represents the following:

A Lion - Pride
A Monkey - Your Children
A Sheep - Friendship
A Cow - Basic Needs
A Horse - Your Passion

So, in the face of hardship, you will sacrifice each of these things in turn. Your last animal represents that thing which you cling to at the expense of all others.

note:this test is from ancient japanese archetypes

oh i love these kind of tests!

this one is pretty simple. The best one i've come up with is the robin hood one though

It's very very insightful for a personality test! you should give it a try

it's cool..that was great..thanks for sharing
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24 / F / San Francisco
Posted 8/24/08
um i'd let all of them go in the order
A cow-basic needs
A lion- pride
A horse- your passion
then A sheep-friendship
and keep the monkey because its my CHILDREN! i dont have children but of coures they are most important to me. im not going to leave them and let them die and give birth to new ones, not the same. and so what if its a monnkey keeping me company the whole time, monkeys are um suitiable too!
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26 / M / Calibaby.........
Posted 8/24/08 , edited 8/24/08
5.Cow-Basic Needs

Damn whats wrong with me. Why is it that there is no Penguin in the list?
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25 / M / North America!
Posted 8/24/08
I would get rid of them in this order:

1. Horse (Passion)
2. Lion (Pride)
3. Sheep (Friendship)
4. Cow (Basic Needs)

And be left with:

5. Monkey (Your Children)

1. Yeah...
2. That isn't important anyway.
3. It's not as important as the next two. xD
4. Yeah, very important.
5. And obviously the most important.
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28 / M / Toronto, ON
Posted 8/24/08

1.Monkey - Your Children
2.Cow - Basic Needs
3.Lion - Pride
4.Horse - Your Passion
5.Sheep - Friendship

i think i would do it in this order, i will never have kis so i was thinking of putting them first. but right now in my life my passion and friendship means a lot to me
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F / Earth
Posted 8/24/08
A Lion - Pride
A Monkey - Your Children
A Sheep - Friendship
A Cow - Basic Needs
A Horse - Your Passion

A horse will get me to civilization faster though...
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28 / F / Somewhere where I...
Posted 8/25/08
Cow ~ who wants to drag a cow for miles?

Sheep ~ (same reason with above)

Lion ~ No use actually..

Monkey ~ At least, i will have a "company" when i'm travelling..

Horse ~ This is the best. U can ride it, faster way to get to the place.

OMG! I'm sacrificing my BASIC NEEDS??!! Cant believe it..
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26 / F / Missouri, USA
Posted 8/25/08
Cow: Whatever...
Monkey: More money for me!!
Sheep: Can take it or leave it
Lion: I'm stubborn lol
Horse: Where would I be without it?!
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F / England
Posted 8/25/08
i picked,

1. sheep
2. horse
3. monkey
4. cow
5. lion

sheep cause i woulda used it for wool but youre in a desert so yea, pretty pointless xD
horse so i could ride it, but i could ride a cow instead, and cause i could also get milk from a cow cause obviously theres no water in a desert o.o
monkey for entertainment
and lion so it can fight off predators for me ^^ xD
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27 / F
Posted 8/25/08
I only kept the Lion because it's furry
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28 / F / nowhere to be found
Posted 8/25/08
I would release:

1. Lion - Pride
2. Cow - Basic Needs
3. Sheep - Friendship
4. Monkey - Your Children
5. Horse - Your Passion

well it's not surprising really I think it might have been the order actually.

I was thinking this way though;
the lion is dangerous and will eat me or the other animals
the cow will slow me down
the sheep will slow me down next
the monkey is unneccessary but really cute. pluss it can sit on my shoulder so it won't slow me down but I'd rather not loose my horse
I wouldn't want to loose the horse:p

Okey so if I wasn't thinking about this, but just which animal to ditch, it would be:

monkey (because when I think about it monkeys hate me)
horse (I just really love horses<3)
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Posted 11/21/08
picked these without looking at the meanings, in order of release:

1. lion pride - no freaking use. not fast enough to catch prey e.g desert animals like lizard, plus its appetite is much larger than mine
2. sheep friendship - was hesitating between sheep n monkey, but decided sheep is so woolly that it will die of heat exhaustion quickly before it can be useful(by providing sheep's milk or trading wool with desert tribes etc), n even without wool it will be too slow n speed is the essence of survival in travelling across the desert
3. monkey children - hopefully there are some plants in the desert that a trained/smart monkey can bring me(fruits or whatever edibles)
4. cow basic needs - travels faster than sheep n can provide milk in greater quantities for me to drink
5. horse passion - can bring me quickly out of desert

as u can see, the train of thought was completely practical, hence INACCURATE test.

btw i've seen sheep to mean love in chinese tests, not friendship
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33 / F / Denver
Posted 11/21/08

Auriga wrote:

This is a bad test. People will choose which animals to release first based on logic and the need of survival. They will not consider the symbolic meaning behind each when making this choice. Who actually would figure that the lion meant pride before they read the answers?

Here's how I took the test:
The lion would go first, cause it cannot help me survive. In fact, it is a theat - it will most likely eat me or my other animals before I release it.
The monkey also serves no purpose. It would go next.
The sheep's fur may protect my skin from the heat. It will also keep me warm at night. It is a useful animal, but not as useful as the next two.
The cow produces milk, to satisfy my thirst.
The horse will allow me to travel across the desert faster- hopefully I can reach home before I die of dehydration and starvation.

When I finished making my choice, I read the answers, but they have nothing to do with my line of thinking. I did not abandon my pride because I value it the least - I abandoned it because it will kill me. What does a monkey have to do with children anyway? Useless animal. The cow makes some sense, but it still does not prove that I value basic needs above my children, friends, and pride. Or maybe it does- when I'm facing death? Horribly inaccurate test though.

Same order I put them in, and for the same exact reasons. Plus I agree with your statements. Although I think I'd dump all the other animals at once and save time.
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wait, wha?
Posted 11/21/08
hmmm... my order would be:


I wonder what my passion is...
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