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Japanese Personality Test..try it (open to all)
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24 / M / Next to the Idea...
Posted 11/21/08

1. Horse.............
2. Cow............
3. Monkey...........
4. Sheep..........
5. Lion...........

My pride is more important to me than my life...............
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31 / F / AR
Posted 11/21/08

Mypride comes first.

Firstly,I wolud release monkey,in the end tiger.My chinese year is tiger also.

Monkey means money,children,all worldy wealth.
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22 / F / My room
Posted 11/21/08
Why would I be in desert? With those animals? Well, whatever the reason is, here's my desicion:
a lion (I don't wanna be eaten), a sheep (useless), a monkey (even more useless), a cow (too slow), a horse (but when you think about it, horses do eat a lot.. would I have food with me?)

So: pride, friendship, children, basic needs, passion (for what, living?)
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27 / F / la la la.....
Posted 11/21/08
order in priority =

1) Horse - Passion (idk what you mean by "passion" but if it means on the line of romance then... its 1st)
2) Sheep - Friendship (its 1 of the most important to me)
3) Monkey - Children (i dont really like the idea of children so actually i'd rather put it 2nd last but...)
4) Cow - Basic Needs (this is way better than pride, i can tell you that)
5) Lion - Pride (dont need it if i want to survive)

i ordered it by thinking about the representation, i didnt think of which animal will actually help me
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25 / F / Somewhere in Spain
Posted 11/21/08
Lion: In dessert there are many dangers so I'll keep it with me all the way
Cow: Cow brings milk and fless
Sheep: Sheep is usefull for making jerseys
Horse: If you can ride on the lion, you don't need this one
Monkey: Its funny and I like it, but... what's the use of a monkey in a dessert?
Posted 11/21/08
I listed mine before peaking at the meanings and here is what I came up with and why

The lion is a dangerous companion so I let him go first
The monkey will get annoying and so he went next
The sheep keeps me warm at night but is not as valuable as a cow or horse so the sheep goes next
Time for the cow to go next becaue although the milk was nice I really am not ready to walk yet.
Lastly I will sadly let go of my horse and trudge along all alone.

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27 / F / Vienna
Posted 11/21/08
5. A Monkey - Your Children
4. A Lion - Pride
3. A Sheep - Friendship
2. A Cow - Basic Needs
1. A Horse - Your Passion

LOL. the first thing id get rid off are my children xD
like why the hell should i keep a monkey. like in the dessert. man thats stupid.
the lion would prolly attack me. i dont eat sheep so its pretty useless to me. cows are really lame.
you can ride a horse so like you dont have to tire yourself out xD

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33 / M / The Kingdom
Posted 11/21/08
You are in the Desert. You are traveling with 5 Animals:

A Lion
A Monkey
A Sheep
A Cow and
A Horse

It is a long way more to the safety of civilization, and one by one, you are forced to release each animal, until you are left with only one. In what order would you get rid of each animal from your possession?


The Desert represents hardship. Each Animal represents the following:

1) A Lion - Pride (Its a dangerous beast)
2) A Cow - Basic Needs (Distracts the Lion)
3) A Monkey - Your Children (Lightweight, Not really a problem but totally USELESS)
4) A Sheep - Friendship (Food... ChOmP!)
5) A Horse - Your Passion (Transportation and also valuable)

So, in the face of hardship, you will sacrifice each of these things in turn. Your last animal represents that thing which you cling to at the expense of all others.

Note: This test is from ancient Japanese archetypes.

BOLLOCKS... Id leave my friendship in the DUST if me and friends were struggling in a Desert! (Look after #1 baby... Better them than me)
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28 / M / In your room stea...
Posted 11/21/08
A Lion - Pride
A Monkey - Your Children
A Sheep - Friendship
A Cow - Basic Needs
A Horse - Your Passion

My order

1, Monkey
2, Sheep
3, Lion
4, Horse
5, Cow

But i would use the horse to get there as fast as possible until I let it go, then i'm riding the cow
Posted 11/21/08
I don't know why but I wanted to release the lion first. Anyone else? So I guess my pride doesn't matter to me. lol Even though I'm a leo.
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28 / M / in a parallel uni...
Posted 11/21/08 , edited 11/21/08
The reason why I chose the monkey is because the children are more important than that because well they are your future and with out your children you have no one to care fro you or some one to pass on your genes
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Posted 11/21/08 , edited 11/21/08
. Cow (basic needs) wateeeeeeeeeeeer 4th to go
. Sheep (friendship) later guys 3rd to go
. Monkey (children) bye kids 2 to go
. Horse (passion) i died with passion 5th
. Lion (pride) is the first to go

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26 / F / Trinidad and Tobago
Posted 11/21/08
if i have kids, the last one would be monkey.
if not.....lord, i think it might be pride
Posted 11/21/08
I would kill them all and eat da meat
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25 / M / quiet!..... im pe...
Posted 11/21/08
gotta have that sheep! epic mount you know ... nahh i think i would stick with the cow.. cant live without strawberry milk now can ya??
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