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Japanese Personality Test..try it (open to all)
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78 / F
Posted 11/21/08 , edited 11/21/08
Before I saw the explanation this is what I thought:

1. Monkey- I don't like them much. They are very tempermental and unedible, so getting rid of them first seemed logical.
2. Cow- I would just eat a portion of the cow, and dry the rest of the meat. I wouldn't let it go... It has some use
3.Sheep-I'd butcher it for the meat. I wouldn't release it. If I'm far from civilization it's better to have a lot of meat. Also, I like sheep more than cows. They are more trusting.
4. Horse- I thought I could ride it or use it as a pack-horse for my food supply.
5. Lion- I'm a Leo so I thought getting rid of my signs representative would be cruel. Furthermore, I wonder if it would kill wanderers such as myself if I released it. I assumed the lion would be hungry.

After I saw the explanation:

1. Horse- I can live without passion. I control my desires, so living w/o them wouldn't be so hard.
2. Sheep- I feel that many of my friendships are only surface deep, and leaving those friends wouldn't be so tragic.
3.Cow- I would give up my basic needs afterwards. It is amazing with how little a person can survive.
4.Lion- I would let go of my pride or try to for my children's sake. But I don't know if I could fully let go of my pride.
5. Monkey- I would try to have my children with me for they matter most. I believe I would sacrifice the most for my children.

The order goes from 1 (the first thing I would get rid of) to 5( the thing I would get rid of last)

Posted 11/21/08
1- A Monkey
2- A Lion
3- A Sheep
4- A Cow and
5- A Horse
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F / at your left
Posted 11/21/08 , edited 11/21/08
the cow(basic needs)
the lion (pride) *together with a lion in a desert would do me no good , unless i want to die early though...
the monkey (children) *im mad if i bring them along with me in a desert....who would, anyway?
the sheep (friendship) *companions are relative but i'd rather do dangerous things alone....
the horse (passion) *im not passionate, i just want to live. i could run away with the horse.

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Posted 11/21/08
wow ok
feel sad for my kids (monkey)
screw friendship (sheep)
screw basic needs (cow)
screw pride (lion)
and i end up with my passion

looks like a lot of ppl would end up with their passion >.>
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25 / F
Posted 11/21/08
like seriously, if u are in a desert u will need a horse to travel isnt it? i think most of the people here use common sense to answer this question.. so i think this test aint that accurate at all
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Posted 11/21/08
1. cow (Basic Needs)
2. sheep (Friendship)
3. monkey (Your children)
4. horse (Your passion)
5. lion (Pride)

If I did with looking at what they were it probably would be:

1. Lion
2. Horse
3. Sheep
4. Monkey
5. Cow

Simply because basic needs trumps everything when you're in that type of situation. Family is more important to me than friends. My passion wouldn't help in that situation. Pride doesn't get you anywhere when trying to survive.
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25 / M / O.C. So.Cal
Posted 11/21/08
lol i chose the horse for last to go cuz i thought i could ride him to my destination
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Posted 11/21/08
how i thought it out:
sheep- i figure you're in a desert.. why do you need a sheep? they have wool.. but you're in a desert. it's hot enough.
lion- it doesn't benefit me in any way, seeing how i'm in a desert. it'll probably eat me.
cow- i don't need this either.. it would just kinda get in the way.
monkey- has opposable thumbs, therefore i've kept it so far. who knows, maybe i want the monkey to carry my horse.
horse- dude. it's got four legs and can run. why not keep the horse forever?
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25 / F / Boston, Massachus...
Posted 11/24/08
In the order I'd get rid of them,
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23 / M / Massachusetts
Posted 11/24/08
I think if you're left with passion that means you're selfish?
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24 / F / In chur head
Posted 7/16/09
damn should have raed the whole thing first I got rid of the animal from which would hurt me the most(lion) and which wouldnt!(sheep) lol

this is how it came out:

Lion- I not try'n to be eaten
Cow- it could sit on meh
Horse-it could trample me
Monkey-they touch to much
sheep-well....sheep are cute
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22 / F / Australia
Posted 7/16/09
1. I wil lrelease the lion first- pride
2. sheep- though i love my friends very much.. me, i don't think this is more important than my children. i can't eat the horse and getting to the civilization fast isn't important.
4. cow- of course i need cow- basic needs= food, air, water,oxygen,light,heat,everything
5. monkey- i'll feed my children th beef from the cow and ill die..
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21 / F / butts
Posted 9/4/09
Lion- Pride
Sheep- Friendship
Horse- Passion
Monkey- Children
Cow- Basic Needs
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F / Pyroland
Posted 9/4/09
1. A cow
2. A sheep
3. A horse
4. A monkey
5. A lion
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F / Antique bookshop
Posted 9/19/09
1. sheep
2. monkey
3. cow
4. lion
5. horse
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