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.:.Breakthrough Roles
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29 / F / home :)
Posted 8/1/08
I'm not his biggest fan, but I'd say it's Ikuta Toma's role as Nakatsu in HanaKimi
More or less people love Toma after they love Nakatsu
or so i think
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26 / F / ¸.•*¨*`•.¸☆Norway
Posted 8/1/08 , edited 8/1/08
Yamashita Tomohisa: Loved him in Nobuta wo Produce, but Kurosagi made my heart stop for many reasons. The first scene of him in Code Blue made my condition go even worse. He's a great actor, and he totally deserves to be where he is right now.

Aragaki Yui: I totally adored her in My Boss, My Hero. And though her acting in Koizora didn't leave such a good impression with me, and though I do think she needs to work on those facial expressions, I still think she's great.

Tatsuya Fujiwara: Saw him first in Battle Royale and totally made me adore his good acting. I'm not really a fan of him, but I do think he's very good.

Ken'ichi Matsuyama: L rocks! I totally didn't notice that he was actually the guy whom Sawajiri Erika/Aya in One Litre Of Tears had a crush on.

Sawajiri Erika: I don't need to see her in another drama to know how good she is in acting. Her role in 1LOT was absolutely brilliant!

Nishikido Ryo: Who would've thought a Johnny would look so good abusing girls!? lol. He's acting in Last Friends was Brilliant!

Ueno Juri: Her role from Nodame Cantabile to Last Friends was a BIG change. I did love her as Nodame but she really nailed the tomboy-role. great great!!
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38 / F / Philippines
Posted 8/1/08 , edited 8/1/08
kamenishi kazuya in "one pound gospel"
the lead actress in "my sassy girl"
gong yoo in "coffee prince"
kim sun ah in "my name is kim sam soon"
hayami mokomichi in "absolute boyfriend"
lee da hae and lee dong wok in "my girl"
song hye kyo in "full house"

and a lot more....
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31 / F / Cebu, Philippines
Posted 8/1/08
miura haruma in koizora
ueno juri in nodame and last friends
ikuta toma in hana kimi
matsumoto jun in gokusen
shida mirai in seigi no mikata and 14 sai no haha
ryo in last friends
oguri shun in kisaragi and stand up
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55 / M / new zealand
Posted 8/2/08
Jang Nara Bright Girl was a huge hit back in 2002 making her one of the top stars of the time.
She made both Bright Girl am My love patzzi the same year both I think to cash in on her huge impact as a singer, but I think bright girl was the role that allowed her to break into acting.
she busy in china but I heard she making a Korean movie this month so good she back home even if it only a month

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30 / F / Im Lost
Posted 8/2/08
people said it already
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Posted 8/2/08
lol the first one that came to me was Eita, because I just finished watching Unfair
I first saw him in Nodame Cantabile as the rockish violin player, than as a boy hunted in Remote...but in Unfair he was amazing
i loved him <3
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28 / F / Philipphines
Posted 8/2/08

akanishi jin in yukan club.
miura haruma in binbo danshi and koizora.
inoue mao in first kiss &&HYD.
kamenashi kazuya in 1PG &&tatta hitotsu no koi.

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31 / M / philippines
Posted 8/2/08
jerry yan and barbie xu in meteor garden, my very first asianovela!
ella in hana kim taiwan, made me laugh so much!
horikita maki in hana kimi japan and kurosagi! everything is great about her!
lee da hae and lee dong wook in my girl!
gong yoo in green rose
ueno juri, both in nodame cantabile and last friends!
ninomiya kazunari and masami nagasawa in yasashii jikan?!, is that the title? the two of them made me want to watch dramas where the both of them acts!
eita and masami again in last friends and also ryo!
erika sawajiri and ryo in 1 liter of tears, a total tearjerker which proved both of their acting abilities!
riko narumi in 1 liter of tears too, in calling you and shindo!
yeah i have to agree with kenichi matsuyama as L in deathnote, he's really great there!
song hye gyo in endless love and full house! she's a brilliant actress!
yoon eun hye in goong! it started to raise her celebrity status from a variety show regular to a very in demand actress in korea in her generation!
eugene in save the last dance for me and beautiful life! she gave justice to her roles!
inoue mao in hana yori dango! this i think is her breakthrough role.
the actor and actress in strawberry in a shortcake! can't remember their names but i absolutely adore the both of them acting in this drama!
aoi miyazaki in virgin snow, first love, nana and tada kimi wo ni aishiteru! the last mentioned made me watch all her films and so far i liked all her films!
kim sun ah in my name is kimsamsoon, police on duty??? and also in s diary! i think she is a phenomenal actress until now!
i also have a long list but for now, this is all i remember! gotta post more next time!

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30 / F / ~~paradise~~
Posted 8/2/08
1. Yoon Eun Hye in Princess Hours
2. Inoue Mao in Hana Yori Dango
3. Lee Dong Wook in My Girl
4. Joo Ji Hoon in Princess Hours
5. Wu Chun in Hana Kimi
6. Joe Cheng in It Started With A Kiss
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Posted 8/2/08

annafeera wrote:

I'm not his biggest fan, but I'd say it's Ikuta Toma's role as Nakatsu in HanaKimi
More or less people love Toma after they love Nakatsu
or so i think

yap, i agree!
most became nakatsu bait after watching that series...
i like him in maou, though he is more memorable as nakatsu...


and i also want to add kimura ryo playing senri nakao of hana kimi jap.
hehe...he was so convincing acting all gay-ish that almost all (if not all) who watched it questioned if its just acting or for real.
and watching his previous dramas (before hana kimi) here in crunchyroll, most of the people would comment: ah! the gay guy in hana kimi! ...
so, that means that its how most people (including me) remember him...

and now, he just finished his drama Puzzle and would be also part of a new drama this august and would also have his first stage play in sept-oct i think...

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29 / F
Posted 8/2/08 , edited 8/2/08
hmm.. dat will be

Yamapi, Kame & Maki - Nobuta Wo Produce
[Shun - Hana Yori Dango
Kennichi Matsuyama - Death Note
Akanishi Jin - Gokusen 2
Ueno Juri - Nodame Cantible
Matsumoto Jun - Gokusen 1
Ikuta Toma - Hana Kimi
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F / Antique bookshop
Posted 8/2/08
matsumoto jun- hana yori dango make me notice him. kimi wa petto makes me think that he is really good actor.

fukuda saki- she got act in small roles in various drama, never really notice her, but after LIFE, wow.

yamapi-watched nobuta in 2005, but never really notice akira, coz the whole show is seen from shuji pov. then watched Stand Up! and suddenly it makes me really noticed him. watched operation love and fell in love with him. kurosagi makes me think he's a really good actor. but it was operation love that caused me to be OBSESSED with him. he does justice to every characters he played!!!oh look, my bimbotic vibes is coming out again.

kame- saw him in nobuta, dun really feel anything, watched gokusen 2, and tot he's really cool.

Jin Akanishi-saw him 1st in yukan club, doesn't really have an impact on me, then gokusen 2 make me like him.

maki- saw her 1st in nobuta, and later watch some other various dramas of hers, feel that her acting skill is .....super less than average. all her face expression is the same. she can't cry. then hana kimi came and.....feel that its a breakthrough.

ryo nishikido- it was only in last friends that make me know that this person exist. so i found out oh so he's the one in one liter of tears. it was after last frds that i realized that he got act in many dramas i watched previously, but i never even know he exist.

masami- watched her 1st in romeo and juliet, but coz i was watching it for tackey, so i also ignore her existence completely, it was after operation love that makes me notice her.

ueno juri- what a drastic change. from nodame to last frds. enough said.

Posted 8/2/08

butterflyronger wrote:

Crystal Liu - Return of the Condor Heroes 2006

almost all members of Princess of Returning Pearl...

Liu Tao - Semi-Gods and Demi- Devils
most memorable death scene ever

Yuan Hong - Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008
he's not the best looking, but definitely one of the better actors

agree!~ crystal liu is the best!!
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34 / F / 415
Posted 8/3/08

Risar wrote:

Kubozuka Yosuke totally blew me off when i watched Ikebukuro West Gate Park (IWGP)!

I just found episode 1. You're absolutely right! Kubozuka Yosuke facial expression is impressive. But I'm having trouble looking for the rest of the drama subbed in english. The ones I found beyond episode 1 are japanese and not subbed. Help!
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