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Li Yuchun has a unique style that you cannot find it in any other asian singers.

She has a tomboy look and a deep, steady voice. Rock and Latin fits her very well. And her tall and lean figure makes her really cool. She has a fresh, flawless and fair skin. She seldom uses makeups unless is forced to or a must. She is just like the image that comes from manga.

She is shy in real life, but when on stage, she is able to conquer you and excite your nerve in a minute.

She doesn't like to use singing skills but she knows to drag up overzealousness in human’soul with her skillful dancing, deep and steady voice and especial performance style.

She is a person who likes to change complication into simpleness. During most of her interviews, she always uses the briefest words to convey her thoughts, aiming to be frank and simple.

She lives a simple life (she rents a house in Beijing) and keeps a low profile. She has no scandal and she never uses anything to boost herself.

When there is false news about her, she will make explaination no more than a "that is not me".

She's 24 years old now and has been in the music industry for three years. She has released 2 albums, a mini album and several singles.

She held her first concert in 2006, without releasing her own album. And she had her national tour in 2007, to promote her 2nd album. But the album was not released until after the success of first leg. In 2008, she released a mini album "Youth of China" to cheer the Beijing Oympics. And she also successfully held 10 nationwide mini Lives christened "Cheer Up the Olympics with Music".

she’s enterprising, daring to live according to the way she wants. I really hope she can keep her individuality and her unique personality.
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Below are some views and opinions that others have on Li Yuchun


  一直以来,中国人对男人女性化很反感,而李宇春是给那些女性化的男人看的。造作的女艺人太多了,她的出现是一道闪电。从前有过潘美辰这样的中性歌手,但李宇春和她又不太一样,潘是酷,李宇春则是兼具酷和妩媚。 ---《三联生活周刊》

Cui Jian (rock and roll singer)  

All the while, the Chinese has been very repugnant with regards to the man feminization issues, but Li Yuchun give rises for an attention to this feminization. There are too many female entertainers, but her appearance seems like a lightning. Formerly there is Pan Mei Chen a neutral singer, but Li Yuchun is different. Pan is cool, but Li Yuchun has both coolness and charms---"Trigeminy Life Weekly magazine"
** Pan Mei Chen; Taiwan singer who also has a deep voice




  李宇春脱离了模仿阶段,唱的是自己。这种所谓的明星范儿是酒吧、唱片公司培养不出来的,它是天生而珍贵的。 ---《三联生活周刊》

Li Cheng Peng (sports commentator)  
30 year-old Chinese men grew up by listening to Deng Lijun ( Teressa Teng), Yang Yuying. They developed a love for their sweethearts and raised such esthetic standard on their girlfriends. Yang Yuying sings ordinarily, but she has indirectly conforms the male imagination on how a woman should be, and Li Yuchun, cannot satisfy this kind of imagination. Therefore male only suited to listen to songs sang at the pub, but Li Yuchun belongs to a big stage.
Li Yuchun has self confident, relaxation and calmness on the stage, pure and original charms. These characteristics are expresses on her body language.
Li Yuchun has been identified separately from the imitation stage, and she is just being herself and expresses herself on the stage. The pub and the recording Company will not able to train their so-called “Fan-Star Bar” singer to be like Li Yuchun because the values/ qualities that she has( which include strength, energy, originality) are inborn and precious. ---"Trigeminy Life Weekly"


  毫不掩饰最喜欢的就是李宇春:“她是一个就像猫王一样,具有革命性意义的歌手,颠覆了歌坛的一切常规,如果有好作品,她完全能维持这种很红的状态。衡量好歌手的标准不是唱功,而是感人肺腑的作品和表达方法。李宇春的台风非常独特,冷静、沉稳,很有点大将风范。” ---《成都商报》、《天府早报》

Liu Zhuo Hui (Hong Kong renowned music)   

Obvious that he likes Li Yuchun the most. “She is one who looks exactly like Elvis Presley, a significant revolutionary singer, has the subversion of all conventional music, and if there is a good work (music), she can definitely maintain it in a very popular state. Weighing a good singer's standard is not merely based on the art or technique of the singing, but it is the deeply moving work and expression method. Li Yuchun stage presence is unique, calm, steady, and stylish.” ---"Chengdu Business Times", " Government office Morning day paper"



  超级巨星不是每年都可以像东莞的工厂流水作业生产出来的,所以我们更应该好好珍惜。 ---刘卓辉新浪博客

Liu Zhuo splendor of Sina blog

Li Yuchun, a China's super idol. Have always Like Li Yuchun’s natural distinct personality, freshness, simplicity and calmness. Throughout the competition, Li Yuchun displays a demeanor personality, demonstrated an extreme good quality of child’s emotions. She raised and incorporated her hand gestures in all of her performances, I thought those are comparable to the Elvis 50 years ago. Her kind of subversive individual charms has conquered million Chinese youth.
In fact, outstanding Chinese singers with a good art or technique of singing are everywhere, but there are very few of those who have originality and personality. Her kind of personality may be conceptual, but there are many people who are supportive of Li Yuchun. And there was no need to take the trouble to think why I am also one of the YUMI (Li Yuchun’s fan's code).
The birth of super star is not like the way how Dongguan's factory produces streamlined production every year, therefore we should treasure it (refers to Chun) well.


Lu Chuan (Producer/ directors)  
When he accepted "Trigeminy Life Weekly" interviews, he confidently expressed his affection to Li Yuchun. He likes Li Yuchun because she is not one who are affected and influenced by the sizzling of the entertainment world. He does not deny that there are some people have filthy ideas about Li Yuchun. Li Yuchun has the ability to conquer both gender of her fans based. Girls would look upon her as a guy, elder sister looks upon her as a little girl and in the young boy’s eye she is also a girl. Her ability to adapt is very strong because of her purity and sincerity.   
On who has verbal antagonistic towards her has no regards to art and does not have an understanding on the art and culture of a performance.   
This little girl is interesting, who upholds justices and is not vulgar.
Other people may snatch the limelight, anyone may sings louder, but only she is the real help (in the competition, during one of the rounds, Chun helped one of the competitors by singing a duet. In the song, comparatively her voice is weaker than the other singer. In turn the other singer’s so called snatched the limelight due to her powerful voice and technical skills. ** you may want to ask Everspring for more details..)



  无知是人的一种非常宝贵的品质。 对于李宇春来说,“无知”是一种保护,一种异于常人的天赋。 如果不是拥有这种选择性“无知”的能力,她早就失去了眼里的纯真,失去了对音乐的触觉,失去了创作的灵感,真正在某一领域有所成就,特别是在艺术领域有所成就的人, 思维、关注点和常人是不同的。他(她)们心思特别单纯地集中在自己所热爱的领域,而对世俗生活中的很多常人最关注的东西,自动屏蔽了。或者说,真正的艺术家实际上是非常单纯的人。但也可以说,他(她)们在世俗人的眼中,是“怪人”。 ---哈尔滨台做客《枫云人物》

Ai Weiwei (artist)  

She is young, she is attractive, she purely ignorance.   
Ignorant is one’s virtue. To Li Yuchun “ignorant” is a kind of protection, a kind that differentiates her from the other ordinary person with an average talent.
If not because of her “ignorance”, she would have already lost the purity, lost the sense and touch to music, has lost the ability of creating an inspiration.
In a real sense of achievement, particularly in the field of art, in order to be successful, the thoughts and consideration must be different and surpass an average man. This include: simple thoughts, focuses on the area of their love, and concern of the people around them and surroundings.
In other words, a genuine artist is in fact one who is pure. Or could also be perceived as: one who lives in the eyes of the world and seen as a “Strange man”. --- Guest of "Maple tree Cloud Character", Harbin Taiwan



  我喜欢李宇春中性自信,独一无二。淡定的眼神,单纯的目光,没有浓浓的眼妆,长长的睫毛。我喜欢李宇春不虚伪,不华丽,她从不穿高跟鞋和裙子,健康帅气足以显示她的魅力。我喜欢李宇春已经不是什么新闻了,朋友们都知道我喜欢她。 ---高敏搜狐博客与采访

Gao Min (athlete)   

If there is any Li Yuchun’s event, I would be more than willing to participate in it.
I like Li Yuchun’s natural self confident which is extraordinary and unique. Her calm looks, the pure vision, and one who is without a thick eye makeup and long eyelashes.
I like Li Yuchun for not being fake, for not being pretentiously gorgeous, she does not wear high-heeled shoes and skirt, the charisma and graceful manners in her demonstrate her charm sufficiently. The fact that I liked Li Yuchun is no longer a new news; all my friends know that I liked her.---Gao Min Sohu blog and interview.


  成龙特别提到了李宇春,他对春春的评价相当高。“她是全国人民自己捧出的巨星,不是任何一个唱片公司打造出来的,是平民巨星,是最有代表性和实力的。奥运吉祥物活动的时候,我们合作过,也碰过面,真是个很特别的女孩。” ---《现代快报》

Cheng Long (actor) <<Jackie Chan>>

Cheng Long specially mentioned Li Yuchun, his assessment and appraisal on Li Yuchun is high. “She is the star whose nation look up to, she is not one whose any Recording company can mould her to be, she is the star of the people, she is one who could be the representative and one who has the most might. During the Olympic Games mascot figures event, we have cooperated and also have met; she is indeed a very special girl.” ---"Modern Bulletin"


  我希望她是我的情人。她身上流露的特质是可爱与羞涩,并不是所谓的“中性”。在男性的暴力世界,她是脆弱和易受伤害的。 ---《时尚先生》

Huang Qiusheng (actor) << Anthony Wong Chau Sang>>  

How I wished that she is my sweetheart. Her body language reveals her special characteristic; loveliness and shyness. It is not the so-called “neutrality”.
In the masculine violence world, she is someone who is a frail and is easily hurt. ---"Fashionable Gentleman"


  “东方国际”开学那天,在“拜神”的时候,我悄悄问曾志伟:“志伟哥,现在国内的新人你最欣赏谁?”曾志伟想都没想便回答:“李宇春。她真是很有型。”曾志伟作为香港演艺圈的大哥级人物,至今还是香港演艺人协会主席,因此用“阅人无数”来形容一点都不夸张。为何一提起内地新人就会直夸李宇春呢?曾志伟继续解释:“我觉得李宇春的舞台气质很好,一上台就光芒四射。整个华人娱乐圈,只有梅艳芳可以跟她比。”、“她有艺德,红而不骄。” ---谭飞博客

Zeng Zhiwei (actor) << Eric Tsang Chi-wai>> 

At the “the East international” during the “worshipping” time, I quietly asked Zeng Zhiwei “ zhi wei Ge, currently from all the new local artist, who do you appreciate the most ?” Zeng Zhiwei then nervously replied: “Li Yuchun. She really has all.”
Still being the eldest brother in the circles of Hong Kong’s film industry, Eric Tsang does not exaggerate his “evaluation on countless people”
So why when he was asked the question, he quickly and straightly answered “Li Yuchun”? Zeng Zhiwei continues to explain: “I feel that Li Yuchun’s stage presence/ performance is very good, as soon as she stand on the stage, the light dazzle and shines on her from all directions.
In the entire Chinese’s entertainment world, only Mei Yanfang (Anita Mui) is comparable to her.”,
“she has the ethics of an artist, she is popular, yet she is not arrogant.”--- Tan Fei’s blog

** I personally agree with Eric Tsang, I also always think that Chun is comparable to Anita Mui in all aspects!

There are too many comments on Chun.. will post up the rest when im done... =)
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It seems amazing that since young, Li Yuchun has a talent in writting. Below is one of her essay that was published.
Enjoy =)


初99级4班 李宇春







The essay was written by Li Yuchun (from Yr 99 batch, class 4)

“That girl”

I recognize that girl, we study in the same middle school, and I understand her a lot. She is one who really has character.

According to the other students, she is quite humorous, fun loving, and also one who writes a number of tread article. Whenever there is speech in the class, basketball tournament and etc, she is willing to participate in those events. Sometimes she is very outstanding, but sometimes she may also be very shy.

She loves to laugh and her laughter is not restrained, she also loves to cry, compared to the other children she is not that strong after all. She also loves to struggle and is not one who concedes to failure easily. She also likes to talk, she has the line of gab, and she does not worry on how people will look at her as she is one who will just says anything that comes to her mind.

Whist other students are chasing after the idols and humming <心太软> all day long, even to the extent of going all out to get those idol's signature, she doesn't do that.

Of course she has her own star, in fact she thinks she herself is a star, a star that has to be brighten, but she believes that this star will shine one day and it will shine very brightly, therefore she will not blindly worship any star, she will only admire her father who is a policeman.

Her ambition is to become an attorney who has a sense of justice, but certainly she does admire those dignified servicemen.
She loves to read, loves to fantasize, love to write ......she also loves to move around, soccer, basketball but she does not excel in each of the individual likings.

She is very complicated, that I cannot study her thoroughly. She is conservative and yet modern, she is outgoing yet introvert at the same time, she is an ordinary girl but also a special girl.

In short, she has her own uniqueness of all. Look, she is coming; the middle girl, who is a tall and thin girl and she is smiling now.

After finishing her essay titled “That girl” she passed it to her mother. And her mother said: “that girl sound like you.”
“ like me? So she is ME!” and I smiled.
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Another essay from Chun..... have fun reading... ^_^


高2002级7班 李宇春






(From Yr 2002 batch, class 7)

I hate “Growing up”

Looking at the school’s matriculation notice, finally I am embarking on my high school journey. I gave my mother a passionate hug before I left, but who knows she gave me some several serious words: “Yu Chun, you are a high school student now, you cannot stay xixihaha all day (laughing all day), and you must learn to understand “severity”. You have to understand how to be firm. Do you understand?”

I nodded and appeared to understand what she said, but in actual fact I did not really placed my mother’s word in my heart and I continue to jump around just like before. “Yu Chun, when you stand, stands properly. You are already an adult but you are not behaving like a grown-up.” My lovely mother is getting more and more annoying.

“Yu Chun, you are already a grown-up, and you still want me to teach you this kind of minor matters.”
Finally the “shells” has made me more and more irritated.
I started to get bewildered and started to avoid my mother who kept on nagging incessantly. I start to like coming to school because I can do things that can make me happy. However, the school soon started to have people who possess burning vision, where once the eyes stared, one would feel uneasy.

“Which class this student come from……”
Henceforth making me feel loss and no longer happy.

Perhaps I can no longer be able to speak up freely, maybe I should start behaving like an adult and be serious, start to think about the universe and the atmosphere, perhaps I should start to imitate the scholars then I could appear to be broad, has a profound knowledge and a deep understanding. These are the real meaning of my mother’s words.
I could really feel that there is an invisible magic and charm in my words and my actions that from time to time it suppressed and stifled me.

I like the look of the day, once again staring at the rising blue sky, the sky is still kind of tranquil and blue which allows the birds to gently and swiftly fly over it.
However, I have lost the days where I gaze at the clear sky with a calm and quite state of mind. And now feeling frustrated and depressed, shattering my self-confidence, and no longer smile with relaxation and easiness but to sigh. This is perhaps what people called a “lonely” feeling, a little taste of hell.

I started to be apprehensive and failed to understand how put my arm on the air as a sign of growing up.
Has the gate of sentimental closes and hide the true feelings as well as having to put on different appearances to please the others?
I am alone in the next pacing which is neither free and easy nor romantic.

That appearance is certainly unfathomable, but I started to laugh suddenly when I think about it. I laughed at myself for painstakingly trying to imitate “growing up” appearance. I did not know if this is an irony to me, or a mockery to the adults.
Growing up, maturity, so many people said I have grown up and want me to be mature. But they may have forgotten that I am only 15, I can’t pretend to be dignified or appeared to be deep in thoughts as that kind of artificial manifestation would only make me feel depressed and exhausted.

I think, if having independent thoughts is also a kind of growing up, then I might as well “grow up”. I shall not put on a mature appearance for others and I do not wish to cross my foot and pretend to be an adult. When I really grow up one day, I shall have my own way to express “growing up”.

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The following are some of Chun's interviews compilation plus the translation. If you notice,in every interview Chun always uses the briefest words to express her thoughts, aiming to be straight forward, frank and simple. Have fun reading them =)

Interview - Part 1

记者: Interviewer 
春春: Chun Chun

  ★ 07年生日音乐会后,玉米无偿献血被北京某报写成卖血追星,并被大肆转载。

Do you feel disturbed with the random news written by reporters?

No, I don’t feel disturbed. Because he was the one who wrote the wrong thing, not me.

  ★ 06年天津专辑签售会。

How mature are you as an artist?
(The word 成熟 in lay man term means well-cooked, instead of mature)

I’m not a beef steak!

  ★ 06年某次报纸专访。

Majority of the people who like you are females, what do you think about it?


Got people who like me is already not bad.

  ★ 05年某次电视采访。

People said that your appearance causes a stress to men out there, what you think about it?

I am not even a man, how would I know?

Do you think to men, you possess attractiveness?

Lets invite the camera man to answers this question. 

  ★ 06年某报采访。

Do you know what your fans like best about you?

I have never tried to guess others' opinion.

  ★ 06年北京某报采访。

You think what are the differences that you have created between you and the other singers who write their own music?

I have yet to compose any song on my own.
  ★ 07年经纪人离职后的一次采访。

Currently is there anyone who plan your career and future?


No one can plan my future, other than myself.
  ★ 07年杨澜的《天下女人》访谈节目。

Have you ever wanted to dress yourself as a princess when you were young? What princess would it be?

That is fake (Chun doesn't believe in the existence of princess)
  ★ 前几天某次采访。

If your company arranges you to study abroad, will you be worry with your ability to sustain the present's fans supports that you have now when you come back half a year later?

Since what u said is “if”, then let's wait when the time really comes.
  ★ 07年北京歌友会,演唱中,歌迷献花。助理过来帮忙拿花,她微侧身体示意不用。活动结束后媒体联访。
(During her performance, a fan gave her a flower bouquet, and she did not let her assistant to hold it for her)

Why didnt you let your assistant to hold the bouquet?

Because I can still hold it.
  ★ 06年某报采访。
What is your reaction toward negative report

It's been a year, there is nothing can be done about it.
  ★ 06年华语榜颁奖后,新加坡杂志专访。

You once participated in the "super girls" drama, how do you feel about it ?

Feel like dying
  ★ 05年某杂志专访,谈起她出演的公司投资的那部偶像剧。

Some people on the internet criticize that you did not acted well in the “super girl” drama

Its normal. Because even I, myself don't think I acted well
  ★ 06年某杂志专访:

What you think one of your uniqueness?



  ★ 06年某杂志专访。

What are your worries in terms of your future and careers?

I have not even reach 30 yet, what is there to worry?
  ★ 06年杭州专辑签售媒体见面会。

Are you happy that the words “super girl” and “referring to fans”are in the dictionary?

(With a slight curious expression)Why do I need to be happy about it?
Everyone raise questions that concerns your private affair, which are not related to your record, are the people's interests in you surpass their interest in your music? What do you think?

Perhaps, everyone are just more concern about me

So, will you be unhappy about it?

No, I won't. No matter what questions, any questions I will just answer them
  ★ 06年新专辑首唱会后,北京某报专访。


YUMI has a phrase “ Chun Chun just in charge in Singing, YUMI in charge in the sales volume” How do you feel about it?


They will buy only when they like.

What is your view towards future?

Definitely I have some views, but I may not absolutely talk about it.

Are you always this discrete when replying questions?

I will only talk about things after i have done something and not talk much on things that i have done little or do nothing  
★ 06年某周刊专访。

What is the meaning of “The Queen and the Dream”

There is no meaning attached to it, it is only a title of one of the song
Why use this title for your album?

Because the title for the rest of the songs are not suitable.
Heard that the meaning of "The Queen and the Dream" is a salutes to the 60s rock and roll, what do you think of it?

That was what the boss said, but actually it is merely a title of a song
  ★ 05年某次专访,提及耍大牌等负面。

In your opinion, how do you explain factuality/ truth?

Truth is based on what is being seen, not what is being said
  ★ 05年比赛后某次采访。

Do you think that in the future you could be a giant star

I have never thought of matters that will only be relevant after three days later.

★ 05年赛后某次采访,提及比赛期间的负面新闻。

Do you want to explain anything with regards to the matter?
(the matters refers to the negative news with regards to the super girls competition)

People who understand you do not need any explanation, whereas explaining to the people who do not understand you is useless.

Kie shall posted up the rest of the interviews soon...

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A few corrections:

No, I don’t feel disturbed. Because he wrote wrongly, it is not me that he is referring to.

This should be "Because he was the one who wrote the wrong thing, not me."

Do you think you are a mature entertainer?
(The word 成熟 in lay man term means cooked, instead of mature)

How mature are you as an artist?

Are you happy that the words “super girl” and “starch/ potato (Chun's fans)”are in the dictionary?

粉丝, here, should be translated as fans.
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Thanks idarklight! will make amendments to those errors....
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I like her very much!

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